Vanessa Cisneros

Motivational Coach Certification Trainer

Global NLP Coach Vanessa Cisneros

I am a Certified Public Accountant, practicing accounting with a specialty in international taxation. I was also the founding partner of Cisneros and Comander, PA, a Miami accounting firm providing accounting, tax and consulting services to small and medium size businesses both in the United States and abroad. A great deal of financial coaching is involved, working with small sized businesses with big ideas and even bigger dreams.

Then a series of events unfolded that led me to consider changing my lifestyle and career.

One such event was helping a client through her struggle with dying from terminal breast cancer. As we worked together to find peace in her coping with the end of her life on earth, she eventually embraced her destiny and gracefully accepted her departure from this world. She left me with a gift that I humbly accepted. As she took her last breaths, she said that through our work together she was leaving peacefully and happy and that I needed to share my love and light with others in this manner.

I also had the honor to help my ex-husband through his battle with stage four-lung cancer. His diagnosis was very grim and through various therapies, emotional support, coaching and a lot of love he is doing well.I think one of the greatest challenges for anyone going through an illness is their state of mind.NLP teaches us to communicate effectively with clients and it has many techniques that help individuals create states of peace, happiness and balance to help them cope with the physical issues allowing for health and healing to take place.

I am deeply connected to the spiritual side of life and in listening to my heart's desire to help others I did trainings in, aromatherapy, flower essences, crystal therapy, sound healing, shamanic studies, Reiki, Healing Touch and of course coaching and NLP.

NLP was the one training that changed the course of my life because it helped me discover my core value and to live my life accordingly.After many years of coaching clients in my accounting practice with their finances and businesses my focus now is on motivating and inspiring others to reach their dreams and to live a congruent and joyful life. I am currently pursuing a degree in Chinese Medicine. Living my dream of bringing health, healing, growth, inspiration and peace to others.

Nicole Schneider

Founder & Owner

Global NLP Training was started somewhere on the floor between my bathroom and my bed one night in back in 2004. I collapsed, and couldn’t get up. It was positively the best day of my life. I had a profound realization that night: I needed to start leading my purpose.

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Anne Williams, Trainer & Business Development

All Locations

Anne brings to Global NLP Training the unique perspective of a “third culture kid.” As the child of a military officer, she grew moving and traveling all over the world, experiencing a multitude of different cultures. She believes this led to her appreciation and understanding that no matter where we live, what language we speak or our lifestyle...

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Brandon O'Dell
Coach / Trainer


Transition comes in many forms. Our careers evolve. Our interests shift. People leave or die. We grow older. Change can be confronting and challenging. Yet these moments offer valuable information. If we can open our hearts, minds and bodies, we stand to learn and grow more in these moments than in a lifetime of comfort. Finding your passion and listening to your inner voice takes conscious presence and consistent awareness.

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Szabina Mozes, Trainer


Szabina is one of our motivational coach trainers in Amsterdam and a communications specialist. She travels internationally for Global NLP Training and her company Ecoflow consulting. Ecoflow Consulting which is a company offering consultant services, coaching and training focusing on the non-profit (NGO) and charity sector.

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Kris Belding, Trainer


Kris holds a Psychology degree and spent 1000s of hours working clients with eating disorders and domestic violence. She created her own physical modality rehabilitation program combining Pilates, Gyrotonic, NLP, and theta brainwave based work. Kris is the creator of the exercise program for The South Beach Diet.

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