Noah Krisch - Trainer & Coach

Noah2Hello – I am super passionate about helping people in all areas of their life. I believe that people are the earth’s greatest and most valuable resource. I also believe that in order to bring greater value to our own lives and the lives of those around us; we must cultivate and develop our gifts, talents, and abilities unpolluted from past hurts, setbacks, limitations, and emotional stress.

For nearly a decade I have been working with clients in the area of fitness and most notably working with people who needed severe physical trauma recovery and needed to work through both physical and mental limitations. One of the most satisfying things to me is seeing the smile on a client’s face after they are able to do things that they haven’t done in years, or haven’t ever done. Working with people who have such physical limitations has helped me to hone my problem solving skills. The client usually has several issues that need immediate attention and being able to master putting together a proper plan and executing that plan safely and effectively has deepened my skill-set, and I have been able to flawlessly transition that skillset into NLP. I have previously incorporated very minor NLP principles into the sessions with great success in helping people get past the mental aspects of training.

I wanted to go deeper than just dealing with the body. I wanted to know more about the mental and emotion aspect of the human race and how to help people that way in a fashion that is also effective and efficient. I do not believe that people have to deal with issues for years and years before they get over them. Life is too amazing and there are too many opportunities out there to be weighed down with mental and emotional issues. Just as with the physical – there are too many fun things to do with your body to be limited physically even after a surgery or other trauma.

The reason I chose to be an NLP coach was influenced by attending an NLP event of a famous motional speaker. I got past an issue that had been affecting me for as long as I could remember. The presenter took us through a timeline experience and after that I was much, much better internally and the issue seemed to be dissipated. I was both surprised and impressed. I wanted to know as much as I could about NLP, but I wasn’t willing to go train with just anyone to learn from and be mentored. After much research I found Global NLP Training. Global is amazing and Nicole I believe is one of the greats.

As with helping people rehabilitate on a physical level, finding the smile on a client’s face after an impactful session of NLP is the greatest reward. NLP has brought me to a place of better understanding myself and a better understanding of those around me. I thoroughly enjoy helping people become the best version of themselves possible. NLP make that attainable. I love it, and I love helping people develop themselves and reach higher heights.

Nicole Schneider

Founder & Owner

Global NLP Training was started somewhere on the floor between my bathroom and my bed one night in back in 2004. I collapsed, and couldn’t get up. It was positively the best day of my life. I had a profound realization that night: I needed to start leading my purpose.

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Chris Ramey, Trainer

USA, Latin & South America

Chris is our designated senior trainer for the South & Latin American market and often trains in our USA locations. He provides the training in both the English as well as the Spanish language. He has worked in over 30 different countries with the CIA, NASA, US Navy, Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, Chase, and Prudential.

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Anne Williams, Trainer & Business Development

All Locations

Anne brings to Global NLP Training the unique perspective of a “third culture kid.” As the child of a military officer, she grew moving and traveling all over the world, experiencing a multitude of different cultures. She believes this led to her appreciation and understanding that no matter where we live, what language we speak or our lifestyle...

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Szabina Mozes, Trainer


Szabina is one of our motivational coach trainers in Amsterdam and a communications specialist. She travels internationally for Global NLP Training and her company Ecoflow consulting. Ecoflow Consulting which is a company offering consultant services, coaching and training focusing on the non-profit (NGO) and charity sector.

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Vanessa Cisneros, Trainer


Vanessa is our designated trainer for our USA market. She is a licensed acupuncturist, doctor of Chinese Medicine, and trainer of Sound & Color Therapy. Her Miami based business offers services in coaching, acupuncture, sound & color therapy. She travels globally to offer training and therapeutic services.

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Kris Belding, Trainer


Kris holds a Psychology degree and spent 1000s of hours working clients with eating disorders and domestic violence. She created her own physical modality rehabilitation program combining Pilates, Gyrotonic, NLP, and theta brainwave based work. Kris is the creator of the exercise program for The South Beach Diet.

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