Kris Belding - Official Biography

Kris Belding2Kris received her Psychology and Sociology degree in Colorado. After school Kris worked in the Private non-profit sector doing in-home therapy. Through her thousands of hours working with clients diagnosed with eating disorders and victims of domestic violence she received her LCSW.

After a cycling accident, Kris found herself at the wrong end of a mountain bike and wound up with a serious shoulder injury. Instead of surgery she was able to rehabilitate her shoulder through Pilate’s and noticed that she also improved her level of athleticism and fitness as well as a marked difference of balance in her mental and external life.

So convinced in the power of the rehabilitation work she immediately knew that this was her direction and purpose forward to teach balance through the physical modality. She spent several years and 1000’s of training hours with master teachers in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Paul CHEK, and many other physical training modalities. That combined with her study in NLP, EMDR, Hypnosis and Theta work produced a highly effective and unique methodology that does not belong to any one school or ideology: and is very unique in the fitness and diet world.

Kris BeldingThat led Kris, one of South Florida’s leading fitness experts to work in conjunction with Dr. Arthur Agatston, preventative cardiologist and author of the South Beach Diet, in creating and developing the exercise program for The South Beach Diet Fitness Club. You can see her program in the books, website and DVD’s.

Over the years through combining her knowledge of psychology and a diverse athletic background and training Kris realized that weight loss has very little to do with the lack of nutrition education or will power and self-control, which seems to be the current cornerstone of the diet industry, but instead is values based and that one’s limiting beliefs may be holding one back from reaching their goals in any area of life.

Her unique methodology that helps clients achieve not only in their weight loss goals but also major shifts in their personal relationships, financial realms and other areas in their lives. By knowing thyself achieving ones goals becomes an effortless side effect of the work.

Nicole Schneider

Founder & Owner

Global NLP Training was started somewhere on the floor between my bathroom and my bed one night in back in 2004. I collapsed, and couldn’t get up. It was positively the best day of my life. I had a profound realization that night: I needed to start leading my purpose.

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Anne Williams, Trainer & Business Development

All Locations

Anne brings to Global NLP Training the unique perspective of a “third culture kid.” As the child of a military officer, she grew moving and traveling all over the world, experiencing a multitude of different cultures. She believes this led to her appreciation and understanding that no matter where we live, what language we speak or our lifestyle...

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Brandon O'Dell
Coach / Trainer


Transition comes in many forms. Our careers evolve. Our interests shift. People leave or die. We grow older. Change can be confronting and challenging. Yet these moments offer valuable information. If we can open our hearts, minds and bodies, we stand to learn and grow more in these moments than in a lifetime of comfort. Finding your passion and listening to your inner voice takes conscious presence and consistent awareness.

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Szabina Mozes, Trainer


Szabina is one of our motivational coach trainers in Amsterdam and a communications specialist. She travels internationally for Global NLP Training and her company Ecoflow consulting. Ecoflow Consulting which is a company offering consultant services, coaching and training focusing on the non-profit (NGO) and charity sector.

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Vanessa Cisneros, Trainer


Vanessa is our designated trainer for our USA market. She is a licensed acupuncturist, doctor of Chinese Medicine, and trainer of Sound & Color Therapy. Her Miami based business offers services in coaching, acupuncture, sound & color therapy. She travels globally to offer training and therapeutic services.

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