Anne Williams, Trainer & Business Development
(Amsterdam, Bali and Mexico)

Anne brings to Global NLP Training the unique perspective of a “third culture kid.” As the child of a military officer, she grew moving and traveling all over the world, experiencing a multitude of different cultures. She believes this led to her appreciation and understanding that no matter where we live, what language we speak or our lifestyle, in her experience – from the pastoral tribes of Southern Ethiopia, to the face paced world of Wall Street – there is a commonality that connects us all.

As a young single mother, Anne entered the corporate world working within the banking industry in business development and recruiting; coaching young college graduates into careers that aligned with their strengths and values. She later moved into high-end sales; working with the some of the world’s most famous and powerful clientele to determine their security needs, using specific NLP techniques.

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While taking a break from the corporate world to put her focus and energy into raising her two children, she served on various school boards and became very active in a variety of roles for a number of different international charitable organizations. This led to her realization that she had a passion for educating young minds and serving the needs of disadvantaged and underprivileged youth. Her years spent in the traditional classroom as a teacher, as well as working with children with disabilities and developmental delays allowed her to understand that by taking a more holistic approach to teaching, and introducing soft skills and lessons in emotional intelligence – regardless of academic ability – we encourage children to become more competent, compassionate citizens who are capable of actualizing happiness in their lives regardless of circumstance.

Anne’s association with Global NLP Training began when she moved to Amsterdam and took the Practitioner and Master Practitioner training to become formally certified in NLP. She had a goal of merging her studies of non-violent communication, positive psychology and EQ with her knowledge of NLP and personality profiling, in the hope it would take her work with children, parents and the non-profit world to a new level. Because of her specific skill sets, passion for social entrepreneurship, and serving the underprivileged, Nicole Schneider selected her (out of hundreds of past students) to join Global NLP Training in both a business development capacity as well as a trainer. Anne believes that her role within Global NLP Training will allow her to achieve the very goal that led her to Global NLP Training to begin with.

Nicole Schneider

Founder & Owner

Global NLP Training was started somewhere on the floor between my bathroom and my bed one night in back in 2004. I collapsed, and couldn’t get up. It was positively the best day of my life. I had a profound realization that night: I needed to start leading my purpose.

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Brandon O'Dell
Coach / Trainer


Transition comes in many forms. Our careers evolve. Our interests shift. People leave or die. We grow older. Change can be confronting and challenging. Yet these moments offer valuable information. If we can open our hearts, minds and bodies, we stand to learn and grow more in these moments than in a lifetime of comfort. Finding your passion and listening to your inner voice takes conscious presence and consistent awareness.

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Szabina Mozes, Trainer


Szabina is one of our motivational coach trainers in Amsterdam and a communications specialist. She travels internationally for Global NLP Training and her company Ecoflow consulting. Ecoflow Consulting which is a company offering consultant services, coaching and training focusing on the non-profit (NGO) and charity sector.

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Vanessa Cisneros, Trainer


Vanessa is our designated trainer for our USA market. She is a licensed acupuncturist, doctor of Chinese Medicine, and trainer of Sound & Color Therapy. Her Miami based business offers services in coaching, acupuncture, sound & color therapy. She travels globally to offer training and therapeutic services.

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Kris Belding, Trainer


Kris holds a Psychology degree and spent 1000s of hours working clients with eating disorders and domestic violence. She created her own physical modality rehabilitation program combining Pilates, Gyrotonic, NLP, and theta brainwave based work. Kris is the creator of the exercise program for The South Beach Diet.

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