Language & Magic of NLP Practitioner

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  • Ideal post-course learning aid for graduated Global NLP Practitioners.
  • Demonstrations, lists and examples of language use.
  • Many materials & demonstrations not given in class.
  • 52 transcripts, 52 audios & a recording time of more than 4.5 hours.
  • Presented by Nicole Schneider.

Language & Magic of NLP Practitioner

This is not an NLP Practitioner training, it is a post-course support tool.

Immerse yourself into the world of NLP language while you are driving, exercising, or simply from your lazy chair. And have the transcripts for a reference point.

Acquiring flow, creativity, and flexibility in the language used during the execution of the NLP patterns and communication tools learned in the NLP Practitioner training after the class has ended is an important thing. One cannot truly call themselves an NLP Practitioner unless one practices NLP. The training is only the beginning of the NLP journey.
To gain mastery and efficiency (magic) in the application of NLP, our students asked us for years to put a product together with the words, word combinations, sentences and sentence combinations the instructors use in our teachings and class demonstrations. We met this request and the result is this product, a new way to augment your skills in communicating with others using NLP and to give you a solid lifeline in preparing for your first NLP coaching session to give your customers the best you can offer, as well as those that wish to master their NLP skills for their personal and professional lives. Both the new as well as the experienced NLP Practitioner will benefit.

This audio series gives many demonstrations, lists and examples never presented in class.

1) This audio series is not an NLP Practitioner training, contains no instructions or definitions.
2) This audio series is based on the Global NLP Practitioner Training approved by the Society of NLP. Quality schools abiding by regulations and exercising quality control should have covered the same techniques, and either the same or similar patterns offering the same understanding and logic.
3) The Meta Model & the Milton model are not covered as separate sections or lessons inside this audio product, but are integrated within many of the demonstrations.

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