Social Entrepreneurship

From Social Entrepreneurship to Edu-Preneurship

Global NLP Training is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship, or in this case Edu-Preneurship! As a company we offer our services and time through several projects around the world that involve our current and former students; these projects last anywhere from a couple of hours to full workshops. All our projects are centered around the concept of bettering the futures of underprivileged children by educating their teachers, mentors and parents.

NLP Workshops For Donation

Former students, and the companies they work for, invite us in for 1-3 hour workshops in exchange for donation. You just give us a venue, coffee, cover all expenses and a minimum of 20 people, and we will come teach any part of our training. In venues where our trainers tend to live or travel for business, we allow participants to give a donation of their choosing.

NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coaching Certification with Social Entrepreneurship

Each year in the month of January in Los Angeles, we offer a special version of our program, which teaches, alongside NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, Social Entrepreneurship for coaches. The first training of this kind completely sold out in January 2016, and we were forced to put people on a waiting list. Please contact us for more information. Upon request we can also provide the Social Entrepreneurship piece inside our Amsterdam, Bali and Miami training.

Book & Online Training: Social Coach-Preneurship (Free)

Nicole Schneider teaches coaches around the world, and is the expert where it comes to the design of a new business model for gaining clients through Social Entrepreneurship. The model is presented in a book and a 1+ hour video based training. For subscribers to our newsletter, both the book as well as the online training are available free of charge.


Sjakitarius Foundation

We love the kids and volunteers at Sjakitarius. Global NLP Training has a close working relationship with the Foundation board members in The Netherlands, as well as the main coordinators on Bali. We function as an entrepreneurship think-tank for the organization. In 2015 we helped them set up a catering company with Global NLP Training as their first customer. A new project is underway to transform their restaurant into a "Holland Pancake House" which will be of additional interest for visiting tourists alongside traditional Indonesian food. Most of the donations we raise go to this wonderful cause which we proudly show off to our students during our NLP training on Bali. We selected Sjakitarius not just because it is an amazing cause, but the foundation is managed incredibly well and operates in full integrity. More than 90% of any monetary donation goes directly to the children's education.

Mentor Microbank Foundation & Aidhub

We offer full scholarships to all staff of the Mentor Microbank Foundation & Aidhub in Indonesia. Their staff teaches adults how to set up successful businesses in order to create a better future for themselves and their children. We have a close working relationship with Mentor Microbrank staff and have done site visits; we know the donation of our training is demonstrated to be in excellent hands and is yielding results! In addition to improving their own teaching/communication skills, they also offer small NLP business workshops to entrepreneurs along with the rest of their curriculum.

Workshops for Teachers of Underprivileged Children

We have a 3-day workshop available that we offer around the world for teachers of underprivileged children. You put 12+ teachers of underprivileged children in a room, and cover our expenses, and we will come. Some have utilized corporate sponsor donations to cover the expenses for our trainers to come.

Free NLP & Coach Training for Teachers & Mentors

For many years we trained teachers & non-profit workers free of charge. As we had some good and bad experiences, we made the decision to discontinue this program. Only by exception do we let individuals into our training for free or at a reduced fee, when track-records in aiding underprivileged children is already documented, can be proven, has a permanent full-time basis and when it is demonstrated that no funds are available to take our course.