Global NLP Training Post-Course Support

Post-course support is something that is extremely important to us at Global NLP Training, which is why we offer the most extensive (and generous) offerings in the industry, included with our live training. We want to offer more than just NLP training and coaching certification, and we recognize that these are essential for students whose post-course aim is to stay involved and to continue to develop in NLP & coaching. We believe this is not only true for the students who live near our training locations, but for all of our students around the world.

Retaking Your Training

$300 USD in the US & Bali or 300 Euro in Amsterdam (per program.)

You can retake your class in Amsterdam, Miami, or Bali any time and as many times as you wish. You may do so as a student or as an assistant to the trainers for building your resume.


Your Questions Answered on Video or Blog

Included with your training

We are unique in offering answers to all your post-course questions on video, blog or Smartphone App. This is a service we only offer to former students. Our students have found this resource to be crucial when having presentations right away or seeing clients who have difficult presenting problems, or having meetings where a lot is at stake. Better yet, our students have an entire library of previous questions and answers available to them.


Global NLP Premium

$250 USD right after completing the course / $300 regular price

Global NLP Premium is exclusive to our former students and contains a full NLP Practitioner course (instruction, demos, and tips), it comes with a full set of coaching forms, legal agreements, workshop designs to host your own workshops, and many other resources are continuously added. It is a one-time buy-in and all updates are free. Currently on the roadmap is adding NLP Master Practitioner videos for an additional price of $100.