NLP Practitioner Courses & Certification Training

Become a certified NLP Practitioner - enroll in Global NLP Training’s life changing NLP training course.

Learn fundamental techniques of NLP as determined by the co-creators of NLP as well as the core competencies of coaching using NLP as a methodology. Focus will be placed on using NLP for enhancing communication, management of thinking and emotions, resolving fear & confidence based limitations, strategies for success, NLP based positive psychology techniques, and motivational leadership. It offers the perfect foundation to become a certified life coach.

NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coaching

NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coach
Registration & membership Society of NLP
Optional certification
NLP Communication (extra charge)
Entry requirements
1 Evening Program
Post-course support
Global NLP Community Membership
Re-taking this class (any location)
$300 (USA, Bali), €300 (Amsterdam)
Coffee & Tea
Simple lunch included on Bali

Travel, hotel and expenses are not included. For most training locations we have discounted hotel/rooming options, and possibilities to share a room with another student.

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Day-by-Day Course Description

NLP Practitioner and Coaching Application and Certification

Global NLP Training runs one of the most highly regarded NLP seminars integrated with coaching certification in the world, and we are proud to offer unmatched post-course support to our students.

NLP is considered the number 1 tool of choice among the top celebrity business and life coaches around the world.

In our NLP Practitioner training, you will learn how to apply NLP in:

  • Coaching
  • Therapy, Social and Change Work
  • Motivational Leadership
  • Business, Management, Human Resource, & Sales
  • Education
  • Personal Growth

Because we are a global provider of NLP and Life Coach Training, your certifications are recognized worldwide. We have licensed under Anthony Robbins, Paul McKenna, both co-creators of NLP, and leaders in the field of psychological tools training, Emotional Intelligence, and Non-Violent Communication. Each year we evaluate which credentialing body holds its trainers to the highest standards while offering the best services to its students.

Regardless of whether you use NLP for coaching, therapy, business or any other area of your life, you will effectively learn how to:

  • Become a highly skilled and powerful communicator
  • Become highly skilled at reading body language, verbal, and non-verbal communication
  • Increase your sensory awareness
  • Master your mind and emotional states
  • Remove unnecessary fears and phobias
  • Empower and motivate yourself and others
  • Develop strong relationships
  • Create success and achievement in yourself and others
  • Change unwanted behaviors in yourself and others
  • Effectively elicit information from others
  • And more!