NLP Master Practitioner

By taking this exciting 9 day NLP Master Practitioner training, you will obtain the highest practitioner certification currently available. This course contains 100% new information, and builds on top of your already existing skill set learned in NLP Practitioner. In addition, this advanced course teaches you the most powerful NLP techniques to become a highly skilled and effective life coach or apply NLP in any area of your personal and professional world.

Because we schedule this training right after NLP Practitioner, it is possible to go from having no NLP and coaching knowledge at all to Master Practitioner level in 16 days.

NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coaching

9 (with one day off) or 8
NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach (3 certificates)
Registration & membership Society of NLP
Optional certification
Advanced NLP Communication (extra charge)
Entry requirements
NLP Practitioner
60 – 65
1 Evening Program
Personality Profile
Post-course support
Global NLP Community Membership
Re-taking this class (any location)
$300 (USA, Bali), €300 (Amsterdam)
Coffee & Tea
Simple lunch included on Bali


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Day-by-Day Course Description

NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching Application and Certification

Global NLP Training has built an excellent reputation in the area of teaching NLP Master Practitioner advanced skills with a focus on practical application in any kind of personal & professional success, change and motivational work, and life coaching. After training with us you will receive licensing as a Master Practitioner, and you will be able to apply for membership with a host of professional international, national, and local coaching organizations.

This training course is for those who wish to achieve mastery in NLP, or further their career in change and motivational work, or life coaching. Where most schools treat NLP Master Practitioner as a repeat of NLP Practitioner with additional practice to advanced skill sets, we feel that is taking an easy short cut for the training company in offering the same course twice. We offer new tools, techniques and processes in an NLP Master Practitioner course with 100% new content building on top of the NLP Practitioner skill set. Our past students wholeheartedly agree that this toolset is by far the best and most life changing inside the process of learning NLP or coaching.

You will learn specialized skills such as:

  • NLP timeline application & coaching
  • Easily identify the structure behind extraordinary skill, and the ability to teach it to others
  • Dealing with inner conflict, mediation, and conflict resolution
  • Discovering and eliminating root cause problems
  • NLP and coaching techniques for limiting and negative beliefs
  • Easily identifying what drives people's behaviors and decisions

NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach Training Entry Requirement

This program is strictly limited to those who have previously taken their NLP Practitioner training with a reputable coaching school. Students who have taken coach training without NLP Practitioner certification will not be allowed entry in to this course, this is because NLP certification is held to much higher standards than coaching and we require people to have knowledge of the methodologies we teach. Students who have taken NLP Practitioner training with a school other than Global NLP Training are only admitted on a case by case basis, depending on the quality of their school. Contact us for more information.

In addition to the above we are unique as a coaching and NLP training company to teach these skills:

  • Starting an NLP and/or coaching business
  • NLP core change work process
  • Specialized NLP techniques for relief of shame, grief, anxiety, limiting decisions and negative emotions installed in the past
  • NLP based positive psychology
  • Designing your own NLP Patterns to work with NLP in any field and with any presenting problem
  • Speed reading personalities and people
  • Emotional intelligence coaching integrated with NLP* (The only NLP training company to include MBTI® (the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®) assessment tool, and Social Emotional Intelligence)

Global NLP Training also provides skills in personality profiling and emotional intelligence competencies as part of this training. Over the years, the Global NLP Training Immersion Learning System was developed, which makes it possible to teach students highly applicable NLP and coaching skills in a short period of time. We utilize the mind’s full potential and stretch it even further. This makes us unique in the industry and allows Global NLP Training to lead the way in NLP and life coach training throughout the world.