Workshops & Post-Master Classes

Our advanced workshops have been designed specifically to service those students who want to continue to grow their skill set in applying NLP, NLP based coaching and tools to augment communication skills for business and education. The class has been designed as a 2 or 7 day extension of our regular training programs and is suitable for experienced and new NLP (Master) Practitioners. Certificates will be made available through the Society of NLP, Global NLP Training, and INEMLA.

We currently have two workshops available:

  • NLP for Groups + NLP for Public Speaking (2 Days, for NLP Practitioners or higher.)
  • Global NLP Training Post-Master Class (7 days, for NLP Master Practitioners.)

Workshop 1: Full Post-Master Class

Prerequisite: NLP Master Practitioner from a reputable school

This class is only provided once every two years! Enjoy the full program, teaching you additional powerful NLP Tools to use on yourself or others. This comes from the Global NLP Trainers' toolbox of techniques that they use on their clients and in class, though these aren't part of the traditional NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner program. We are providing these now as part of our Global NLP Master Class. The last 2 days will be dedicated to using NLP for public speaking and groups.

The students who have taken all of our programs rate this as our best training yet, and they experience personal change on a much deeper personal level.

This class has been designed under the assumption that all NLP Master Practitioners entering the course will have different levels of experience. All students will be engaged with a new set of tools and continue their personal development on a deeper level. Experienced NLP Master Practitioners will integrate the new tools on a very high level with NLP as well as any other modalities they have adopted along the way. A series of videos will be released free of any charges to prepare students of all levels for the course in terms of the terminology, basic concepts, and the foundation required to comfortably enter this course.

Global NLP Training Master Class

Duration: 7 Days

Location: Amsterdam

Dates: June 13 - 19th 2018

Cost: €1700

€500 non-refundable registration deposit to reserve your seat.

Max Class Size: 16

Our NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner runs prior to this class from May 26th to June 10th 2018. There will be opportunities available to re-take that class at a 300 Euro charge per program, as part of our post-course support.

Students who book this class within 6 months of completing their NLP Master Practitioner with us will receive a 30% discount. Payment plans are available to all students for an additional 20% fee.

You will learn:

  • Advanced conversational questioning
  • New NLP patterns and building blocks
  • Resolving negative self talk patterning
  • Advanced & parental timelines
  • (Limiting) belief work
  • Alignment of perceptual positions technique
  • Using NLP in the arena of public speaking or groups
  • Improving your skills as a teacher, trainer or leader

Included certifications:

  • Master Life Coach (INEMLA)
  • Master Motivational Coach (INEMLA)
  • Advanced Coaching Master Class I and II (INEMLA)
  • Global NLP Master Class I and II
  • Basic Workshop Instructor
  • Optional: NLP Communication (Society of NLP)
  • Optional: Advanced NLP communication (Society of NLP)

Workshop 2: NLP for Groups + NLP for Public Speaking

Prerequisite: NLP Practitioner plus being a former Global NLP Training student.

While NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner focus on the individual, this program focuses on how NLP is used in public speaking. You will learn from the best about applying NLP in the business world, in not only public speaking but also group work, i.e. in meetings with a team.

On Saturday evening after the completion of this training, a networking event is organized for all of our current and former students.