Workshops & Post-Master Classes

Our advanced workshops have been designed for students who want to continue to grow their skillset in applying NLP, coaching, personal development, and (business) communication skills. The class has been designed as a 6, or 10-day extension of our regular training programs and is suitable for experienced and new NLP Master Practitioners.

Upcoming workshops:

  • Global NLP Training Post-Master Class (6 days, for Global NLP Master Practitioners.)
  • The FourPositive Brain - Video Taping (4 days, optional & free for Global NLP Post-Masters.)


Prerequisite: Global NLP Master Practitioner

This class is only provided once every two years! Enjoy the full program, teaching you additional powerful NLP Tools to use on yourself or others. The techniques Global NLP Trainer Nicole Schneider uses on her clients, and aren't taught in the traditional Practitioner and Master Practitioner program.

The students who have taken all of our programs rate this as our best training yet and have experienced change on a much deeper personal and professional level.

This class has been designed under the assumption that all NLP Master Practitioners entering the course will have different levels of experience, knowledge, and competency. All students will be engaged with a new set of tools and continue their Global NLP journey on a deeper level. Experienced NLP Master Practitioners will integrate the new tools on a very high level with NLP as well as any other modalities they have adopted along the way.

A series of videos & resources will be provided free of charge to refresh your knowledge of NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner to prepare students of all levels for the course. Time investment is 2 – 16 hours depending on knowledge, memory and experience level.

Global NLP Training Master Class

Duration: 6 Days

Optional: Staying an additional 4 days free of any charges for the taping of a new video training series.

Location: Amsterdam

Dates: Pending

Class hours: 9.00 AM – 5.30 PM (approximately.)

Cost: €2,100

Students who book this class within 6 months of completing their NLP Master Practitioner with us will receive a 30% discount.

You will learn:

  • Advanced conversational questioning
  • New NLP patterns and building blocks
  • Resolving negative self talk patterning
  • Advanced & parental timelines
  • (Limiting) belief work
  • Alignment of perceptual positions technique
  • Improving your skills as a teacher, trainer or leader

Included certifications:

  • Master Life Coach (INEMLA & Global NLP Training)
  • Master Motivational Coach (INEMLA & Global NLP Training)
  • Advanced Global NLP Training Master Class (INEMLA & Global NLP Training)

For students staying a minimum of 2 days out of the 4 optional days, the following certificate will be made available: The FourPositive Brain Workshop (FourPositive, signed by Anne Williams & Nicole Schneider.)

Workshop 2: The FourPositive Brain Workshop (NLP Version.)

Quick Strategies to Improve Your Emotional Responses, Thoughts & Behaviors Using the Science of Neuroplasticity and NLP.

Prerequisite: Global NLP Post-Master Practitioner.

Cutting edge new scientific research meets NLP.

Simple hands-on strategies collected from a vast amount of psychological research will be presented to apply on yourself and others immediately as soon as you leave class that day. These are chosen strategies to leverage the full potential of your brain and its ability to change itself through neuroplasticity. The aim is to increase the happiness and well-being of yourself and others. All tools either immediately can be implemented out-of-the-box or based on a less than 15 minute a day intervention for six weeks to experience the results.

The scientific research and positive interventions, will be linked and integrated with the knowledge you acquired through the tools learned in NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, and Post-Master Practitioner. Allowing you also to discover how in some areas science is currently ahead of NLP, and NLP still being ahead of science. The combination of both will enable you to become more powerful (and happier) as a person and as a business professional.

Global NLP Training aims to create a video series in this class. We want to invite our former Global NLP Post-Master Practitioner students who wish to participate and attend the taping of it, free of any charges.