Los Angeles Social Entrepreneurship Version

NLP Training- Life Coach Training

Los Angeles / Venice Beach / Marina del Rey

January 2016 : Social Edupreneurship Version (Special Rates)

Los Angeles Venice Beach NLP Training

Our California based NLP Training programs offer an in-depth small class-size immersion into coaching and NLP. We set ourselves apart from all other NLP Training schools in the area with highly experienced leading international experts, high quality intensive training with students from all over the world, and one of the most extensive post-course support programs available in the industry.

Because we are a leading provider of NLP and Life Coach Training globally, your certifications as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner are recognized world wide and are held to the highest standards.  We are currently the most experienced NLP Training and NLP Trainers Training company providing seminars in the Los Angeles area, and have personally trained most of the trainers operating locally.   At Global NLP Training,logosealsverticalmedium we have licensed under Anthony Robbins, Paul McKenna, and both co-creators of NLP, as well as leaders in the field of psychological tools training.  Our senior trainers have over 15 years of experience, which is unique in this field where many trainers are relatively new.   We are working with experts who have held positions as trainers working with the CIA, NASA, top financial institutions, and also specializing in empowerment seminars in small group environments.  In order to maintain and extend the high quality of our trainings, we are part of INEMLA, a body for psychological and communication skills training, coaching, and NLP.    We also offer our students optional licensing and membership with the Society of NLP.

Social Entrepreneurship Discounted Special Awareness Class

This class will run as a Social Entrepreneurship version, which means each day the class will run for 30-40 minutes extra to offer certification training in Social Entrepreneurship. However, there is more to it! Though we run the exact same training, all consultant fees are waived for this training, and we will organize the training in a beautiful beach condo that was offered to us at a deal. This means the class will be offered at a significant deal compared to our usual training. In fact for $300 more than our usual 7-day NLP Practitioner, you will get the full 15-day training inclusive of NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coaching. There are also rooms available inside the condo for you to stay at an extra charge. The maximum class size for this class is 16 students.

We are running this class to raise awareness and donations for the good causes we support, and to motivate other (small) business owners to turn their company into a social entrepreneurship. This training in particular has been organized to raise awareness for Sjakitarius (school of mentally disabled children) on the island Bali (Indonesia), as the lease of their building is due to expire in 2017, and we must make sure that the kids have a new school building by this time. We will also support the creation of a “Holland Pancake House”, an idea from the owner from Global NLP Training, in order for the school to become self-sustainable through their restaurant. Our owner already helped them build a catering company in March 2015 as part of a previous Social Entrepreneurship project. Social Entrepreneurship, or “Coach-Preneurship” as we would like to call it, is an ideal way to not only impact the world, but to do networking and marketing that will be invaluable for a successful (new) coaching business. The class is created by Nicole Schneider, our founder in social entrepreneurship as is relates to coaching, combined with several former students with experience in the non-profit world and experts in communications. For more information visit: Global NLP Training Social Entrepreneurship.

NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coach Certification

7 Day NLP Master Practitioner course In this course you will be trained in the core skills of NLP and NLP based Motivational Coaching.

  • 7-day program
  • Certificates: NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coach
  • No prerequisites.

This program can be taken as a stand-alone program, or as a first step into becoming an NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach. In all of our course locations NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coaching as well as NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coaching can be taken in one consecutive 16-day course.

More information:
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NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach Certification

After completing the first 7-day program with Global NLP Training or another reputable school, students are allowed entry in to this 9 day advanced program.

9 Day Advanced NLP Program In this program you will master highly advanced and effective NLP and coaching techniques.

  • 9 days (8 training days + 1 day off)
  • Certificates: NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach.
  • Prerequisite as NLP Practitioner certification.
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NLP Practitioner + NLP Master Practitioner + Life Coach Certification

16-day Full NLP and Life Coach program This program allows you to go from having no NLP or coaching knowledge at all to becoming an NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach. With more than 135 hours of experiential training, you will be able to immerse yourself completely and have your certifications be representative of the skill set you acquire.

  • 16 days (15 training days + 1 day off)
  • Certificates: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Motivational Coach, Life Coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • No prerequisites.
More information:
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Our Recognition

In the United States there is no quality control by the government or any independent body for NLP or coaching seminars. Since we operate internationally, Global NLP Training Europe has been audited extensively by a government assigned agency in order for it to be allowed to register as a school offering Short Vocational Education. The audit verified our quality, training materials, program, expertise & backgrounds of our trainers, and accuracy of all marketing materials. This means we deliver what we say we do on our website. [ More information ]

NLP and NLP Based Coaching

Life coaching is one of the fastest growing industries internationally.  NLP and NLP based coaching has been in use for over three decades.  NLP is the psychology of duplicating excellence in any field of your choice.  NLP is widely used by the world’s preeminent life coaches.  With NLP techniques, you can learn to identify the underlying structure of happiness and success, and train your mind to move toward positive solution based outcomes.  We will teach you the tools that allow you to guide yourself and others to reach the mind’s full potential. What is NLP?