Smartphone App: Global NLP

Smartphone App: Global NLP Coach

With more than 350 resources Global NLP has the most extensive and most frequently updated iPhone/Android app available for free. New materials are added almost weekly.

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This smart phone application is part of our post-course support for our former students. Any post-course question about the course, questions about application in field, or post-learning they desire we turn into blog posts, videos and podcasts. We offer some of these for free to the coaching and NLP community as whole. Alongside for our former students we have Global NLP Premium, a product only accessible to them. Which contains videos of a full training, workshop designs they can give on their own, training videos with advanced learning, coaching forms, legal contracts etc.

Download free of charge by clicking the App Store or Google Play banners below. We do appreciate positive feedback in exchange for this free product. Thank you!