Global NLP Training Quality and Standards

We pride ourselves on our personal commitment to our students. We get consistent feedback after our seminars that they are the best training the students have ever had and that our trainers are among the best teachers they have ever had.

Internationally Acclaimed School

The United States does not have a government-appointed body monitoring quality standards for NLP and coaching seminars. However, in Europe, where NLP and coaching are more established for vocational training, such quality control is available.

Due to the quality of our school and our program, we have achieved a special status regarding the training of NLP & coaching in The Netherlands and Europe. After an extensive audit with a government-assigned agency, we were able to register with the Central Register for Short Vocational Education (CRKBO). We are proud to say that we are one of the few NLP training schools to have achieved this status and that we are the first institution in The Netherlands to offer NLP training in English. In order to register with the CRKBO, we meet the following requirements:

  • European Union guidelines for vocational education
  • Standards of the Dutch Council for Training & Education (NRTO)
  • Qualitative codes & regulations that set us apart from other companies
  • Employment of qualified experts in their field
  • Accuracy of information provided through our website & marketing
  • Course study materials & manuals which meet appropriate standards
  • Legal standards where it comes to terms & conditions, money-back policies, complaint procedures
  • And more

Graduation guarantees:

  • Optional evening workshops will be made available for repetition of selected course materials if required
  • Small group sessions are provided for challenged students committed to the course.
  • 95% of all committed students pass the course at the end of the week
  • The remaining 5% of all committed students graduate within 6 weeks after the course after personal training by telephone, or take home assignment and testing.
  • 4% of the total amount of our students fail due to lack of commitment, or leaving the course due to personal or family circumstances.
  • In other words there is no graduation guarantee. If you are committed to the course, we are committed to you!

Our courses and workshops:

  • Primarily focus on teaching applicable tools and building skill sets
  • Focus on doing and practicing
  • Teach our full course with trainers and students in the room (no webinars, webcasts, cd-roms, audio, DVDs as a replacement for training.)
  • Teach the most up-to-date and full skill set NLP Techniques
  • Teach the purest form of NLP
  • Are consistently qualified as high quality by our students
  • Are consistently qualified by our students as life changing
  • Are fun and engaging!
  • Are a great way to meet like-minded individuals from around the world
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Our trainers:

  • Are passionate coaches and committed educators
  • Have a sense of humor, are very approachable, and have flexible teaching styles
  • Are expert trainers with 15 - 20 years of experience in coaching and NLP
  • Re-train in NLP & coaching, and add to their existing skill set yearly through formal and informal training
  • Are specially trained in teaching students from different cultures, and we hold certification as teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL.)
  • Continue to educate themselves & are coached by senior coaches

Post-graduation commitment:

Global NLP Training sets itself apart with the extensive support that our students continue to be offered after their training! This is evident formally in our post-course support offerings, but also in our trainers’ genuine efforts to remain personally connected with their students after the training is complete. We have an extensive roadmap currently in preparation to expand our post-course support; on this page you will find what is currently available.

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