Aaron Cornett

US Army, Motivational Coach. Fort Campbell, Kentucky

I attended the Miami training session in April with hopes of helping wounded soldier’s coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. My true excitement comes from helping people who have PTSD, and overcoming their fears associated with it. I worked with a soldier who had an experience while deployed, using the fast phobia cure that I learned with Global NLP training…..the soldier had spent years trying to get over this. After only a few sessions, he began to laugh when he tried to remember this fear, he could not do it anymore. Much like a record that is scratched, it would not play the same again. Global NLP Training has changed the lives of the soldier’s here, as well as their families, in a much shorter amount of time!!!!”

Cristi Williams

Entertainment Life Coach Owner “Shading the Limelight”

Since training with Global NLP Training, I have so many more valuable resources and effective techniques to launch my business to a new level, opening many more doors with new opportunities.

Jeff Giuliano

Family Therapist Tennessee

The positive experience with Global NLP Training has absolutely been life changing! Thank you for providing an avenue of profound personal and professional growth.

Bo Stehmeier

Executive Coach and Sales Director Amsterdam

I would highly recommend to join Global NLP. Inspiring,
exhilarating and empowering – it is my mentor for all self development and coaching. Its service, accessibility and support is second 
to none in the industry and so is the teams credibility and passion.

Silke Zanker

Lecturer & Coach Lausanne Switzerland

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to attend a NLP Master Practitioner certification course with Global NLP. Not only was it a week of fun with wonderful people in a beautiful location, but also an outstanding learning experience. I enjoyed the process and am happy about how much the knowledge and certification have helped me in building my business as a coach and lecturer. I truly enjoyed the international environment and the safe yet fun space that Nikkie created in order to achieve maximum learning outcomes. Thank you!

Alexandra Jones

Director Vital Retreats Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I’ve tried countless ‘cures’ over the years so when I came across Global NLP Practitioner course, I thought it might help, though didn’t expect such a breakthrough. Becoming a Master NLP Practitioner with Global NLP training was literally a life-transforming experience for me. In particular, I suffered a devastating loss of a close family member as a teen. For over a decade, I had been attempting to deal with the loss and grief by seeking answers and guidance from psychologists, books, friends and family. Nikkie was able to have an extraordinary impact on my life with just one demonstration session using various NLP techniques. Nikkie and Scott put their heart and soul into their teaching to ensure every single student gets the personalized attention they need, and the course has also assisted in providing the necessary tools and qualifications to build my dream business. From my heart, thank you Global NLP!”

Ann Fitzgerald

IT Specialist Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ever since my teenage years, I have endured a fear of Public speaking. Through various NLP techniques, the course has given me the tools to cope with speaking in Public. The trainers, Nikkie and Scott helped create a safe and open environment, walked me through NLP techniques, so by the end of the course, I was confidently reading excerpts from book at the head of the class. This was a huge milestone for me! Nikkie and Scott are exceptional and inspirational trainers who teach the course with such energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for a life-changing week!

Sonya Kehler

Personal Trainer Washington DC

What a truly life changing experience, pivotal and incredible…. attending Global NLP Training Master Practitioner 16-day coarse was one of THE most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! I am different. I look at the world, at people differently, my perspective is new, refreshing and I feel unstoppable! Words can not express my heartfelt and renewed vigor for myself, my boys and my life as a whole!!! THANK YOU!!

Becky Densmore

MS, WBT, CLC Life in Align, Senior Coach and Founder Champaign, Illinois USA

It is my great pleasure and honor to provide a testimonial for Global NLP regarding its ability to deliver world class coaching training that is simply second to none. After three years of conducting analyses for training organizations to help me realize my dream of becoming a certified coach, I selected Global NLP. In retrospect, this was absolutely the right decision. For a relatively small investment, I received training which has fully prepared me to enter the coaching arena fully prepared and confident in my coaching abilities. In addition, I have not one, but four coaching certifications to lend credibility to my practice and add value for my clients. The immersion training style used, afforded me the opportunity to delve deeply into content rich curricula, have rich experiential learning experiences, and receive intensely personal feedback. Both Nikkie and Scott ensured that I had mastered not only content, but also had achieved depth and breadth in foundational knowledge. The extra steps they took on numerous occasions resulted with me achieving a high confidence level and the absolute belief that, with continued practice, I would be able to empower others to grow personally and professionally just as I had been empowered to do so. And the training continues beyond the classroom as they are consistently available through email and the Global NLP FaceBook page. All you have to do is reach out, and they will be there in a heartbeat to help with whatever challenges you face as a coach. Thus, not only will you get the knowledge and information you need to prepare for coaching during training, but get the benefit of having a system of support throughout the years. I strongly urge anyone to invest their training dollars with Global NLP as it has the right people, in the right place, and at the right time to tap into your potential and facilitate your journey as you reach for higher levels of excellence.

Susan Dorr

Motivation Coach Camden Maine

I had the great good fortune to be trained in NLP by Nicole Schneider and her outstanding team at their recent seminar in Miami. From the first, Scott, Vanessa and Jason moved us skillfully into an understanding of NLP and what a powerful tool it is for understanding our motivations and those of others. Nikkie added another level of astonishing insights and highly developed skills, guiding us through an array of techniques with humor and sensitivity. I was privileged to work with Nikkie individually on a grief recovery pattern that provided great insight into a very complex relationship. since returning to my home I have made use of many techniques I learned from Global NLP. I am developing my coaching skills and am also in business where I interact with many people every day and there is no doubt that practice of the meta model and the Milton language has made me a more effective business partner.

Patricia Piper

Life and Business Coach Mauritius

Thanks to Nikkie and Scott I have finally found the way to realize my dream of helping people find solutions in their life. They not only taught me how to be a great coach and NLP practitioner, but they also helped me deal with my own problems and issues that were hindering me in my personal development. Now, with my new super powers, I am ready to conquer the world! The course was intense and intensive, and Nikkie and Scott are great teachers. I recommend this course to everyone who is looking to better themselves and/or others. NLP is a true revelation.

Annie Schultz

Life Coach Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Global NLP Training is more than a school where you earn a certification and learn competency in NLP fundamentals, systems, strategies and modalities. It’s a place where you feel safe and supported during those particularly meaningful moments of personal breakthroughs and growth. I’m grateful and blessed to have chosen Global NLP Training as my professional Life Coaching School of choice.

Ozioma Egwuonwu

Founder, CEO BurnBright Lifeworks, Inc.

I had already developed a coaching methodology and practice before I decided to get certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP with Global, but their training helped to take my practice to the next level. And it is for that reason that I will forever be grateful to GlobalNLP for providing me with a wide array of skills that I continuously bring to bear not only in my coaching practice, but in life. I would definitely recommend them. Get Globa

Karen Macedonio

Coach Los Angeles, California

Global NLP Training is the absolute best. The training more than met my expectations, and left me with a sense of empowerment and the feeling that I could tackle anything I wanted. Since graduating, I have been constantly amazed at my personal growth and my ability to help those around me.

Jordi Jane

Nurse Madrid, Spain

Joining the group for the Master Practitioner was a daunting prospect, and even more in another country. However, my worries were soon eased, with a the friendly welcome I received both from the staff and the other participants. My overall experience was excellent, and I sincerely recommend undertaking your training with Global NLP Training.

Cynthia Makris

Master Voice Coach Miami, Florida

I took a feeling of truly knowing the skills I had learned from the trainers. There was always enough time to really understand and use each technique. The certificates I earned represent true abilities. The atmosphere is warm and supportive.

Patricia Schwarz

Coach Owner Patricia Schwarz Coaching & Communication Lausanne, Switzerland

When I signed up for the Gobal Training Master course without doing much research on what I was getting into. I was at a transition point in my life where my role as “director of communications” sounded shallow. NLP opened my mind and my heart to new possibilities. I loved the way NLP was not “taught” but rather experienced – enabling me to retain so much information in a short amount of time. If I should name only one way this course changed my life, it would be how it taught me to filter for the best in people and situations. I’ve become a positive person!

Roxzan Castro

Expansion Coach, Owner Infinite Evolution and IE Lifestyle Austin,Texas

The course changed my life! I had no idea the many amazing people I was going to meet and life altering techniques we were going to learn. The experience brightened and expanded my life path and gave me an attuned ability to guide my clients to their internal resources to expand their paths. I not only learned to be a resourceful coach; I learned to be a more resourceful person overall. I am grateful everyday that my sister and I were led to the Global NLP team! They are awesome! Thank you guys!