Nicole Schneider

Founder & Owner

Nicole had her first introduction to NLP at the age of 14, when she found out she was mislabeled for many years as being dyslexic and having an attention deficit disorder. It turned out she wasn’t a disabled learner at all. She had disabled teachers, and she was a fast learner stuck in a slow education system. Her mother (insisting her daughter was very clever) and Quantum Learning with NLP based techniques changed her academic life forever!

For professional reasons, she started learning NLP, and soon after she was teaching NLP and advanced communication skills in the early 1990s. As a law student at the University of Amsterdam she wanted to understand the ins and outs of persuasive verbal and non-verbal language, precision questioning, and tool sets which would allow her to be more effective in the legal and business world.

While studying as a foreign exchange student at the University of Minnesota, Nicole was accepted into a program to teach American youth about The Netherlands and US-European intercultural communications. She noticed that by using her NLP and advanced communication tools, she was able to be a more effective teacher and to inspire and affect change! As her classes were gaining popularity she was invited to coach children, college students, and expatriates preparing for their move to The Netherlands, with an agency specializing in this area. This is when Nicole discovered the true magic behind her skills as well as her passion for teaching and coaching. In addition to finishing up her law degree, she enrolled into graduate programs in Educational Psychology and Speech & Communication.

nicole1After her return to the Netherlands, Nicole continued to coach foreign students, expatriates and international business professionals. After obtaining her Masters degree, she decided not to practice law but to continue to follow her heart and passion. She decided to work on a freelance project basis for large corporations and fortune 500 companies as a trainer, coach, and project manager of educational software/IT projects. The project-based work was ideal for Nicole, an adventurer at heart, because in between assignments she was able to backpack around the world and take additional training.

Nicole has an insatiable zest for learning, and was fortunate to learn from leading experts around the world in multiple disciplines, among them the famous MBTI® (Myers Type Indicator® Briggs Personality Typing Psychology), Feldenkrais (body, movement, awareness), behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, truth detection and body language reading.

Right at a point in her life where she was tired of traveling all corners of the globe, she was made an offer by a corporate IT company which at the time she felt was “a great new opportunity, and an offer she could not refuse.” She was to be responsible for the strategic management of global multi-million dollar programs. She continued on a part-time basis, training and coaching business professionals internationally in the company she worked for, as well as private practice. Her years in a high profile position in the corporate world resulted in a life full of stress, poor eating habits, and lack of sleep for several years. She collapsed and was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, while being more than 90 pounds overweight.

nicole5She decided she needed to practice what she preached! She committed to her recovery, and went on a discovery path as to how to cure herself. She enrolled in a masters degree program in Psychology, took additional training to perfect her NLP skills on the therapeutic side and also taking NLP beyond a business and coaching application. She travelled around 2 continents to train with several schools including Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and Paul McKenna (celebrity life coach.) She set out to go back full time into the training and coaching profession using her international business network. Over the years, she specialized in working with phobias, negative childhood memories, burnout, chronic fatigue, weight loss and teaching NLP to aspiring life coaches.

What originally was supposed to be an experiment, resulted in the creation of an adventure called Global NLP Training in 2006. Nicole wanted to build her dream company, where her passion for personal change could be shared with others. The company had to rest on a foundation of personal values and function as a pebble in a worldwide pond of positive change.

In spring of 2008 Nicole’s talents were discovered by Cristi Williams, celebrity life coach and owner of “Shading the Limelight” coaching agency with offices in Nashville and Los Angeles. Cristi did not hesitate to hire Nicole as an entertainment life coach. She is responsible for training and coaching celebrity coaches, and working with clients in the entertainment business.

hugNicole’s training and coaching and training company took flight internationally and clients started to include top athletes, motivational speakers and executives from many major fortune 500 companies. Global NLP Training became the company of choice for the United Nations, The Pentagon, the Dutch government, and corporate organizations around the world. Approximately 50% of the participants in class are individuals who seek training for their private coaching/therapy practice, various small business or individuals seeking a life changing experience whilst improving their work skills. Nicole joined the speaker circuit speaking to audiences in large corporations, non-profits, and even the International Criminal Court.

Over the years, Nicole has built an extremely strong team of trainers worldwide who provide each training under her leadership, and a program that continues to develop even today. Now Global NLP Training operates in Europe, Asia, North America, South and Latin America. Nicole kicked off an impressive roadmap in 2012 for the post-course support to be unparalleled in the industry, including videos, audios, and answering post-course questions via video and a smartphone app.

Nicole had her first brush with the Feldenkrais Method (a somatic method which is described by her as NLP for the body) in 2010. In 2016 she commenced in starting her Feldenkrais teacher training to specialize in human movement in relation to conscious and unconscious awareness. This beautifully integrates with, and is inherently part of, a larger mind-body whole with NLP. Nicole was hired by Larry Goldfarb, one of the top Feldenkrais teacher trainers in the world, to teach NLP inside his Amsterdam teacher training.

In 2013 the foundation was put in place, as originally was envisioned during the start of Global NLP Training, to switch to a Social-Edupreneurship based company aiding underprivileged children. Global NLP Training travels the globe to teach teachers, and has also started to work closely with the Mentor Microbank Foundation which offers training to new business owners in the developing world as well as Sjakitarius, the school of mentally disabled children on Bali. The mechanics behind her new business model was put down in "Social Coach-Preneurship - How to Gain Coaching Clients Through Social Entrepreneurship", a book and online training she has made available free of charge to the coaching community in the hopes of creating lasting change in the world and helping the coaching community gain clients.

Nicole lost the excess weight, considers herself cured from Chronic Fatigue, and is in the best shape of her life! She hit her 100-pound weight loss goal in November 2010!

Trainers Statement

Global NLP Training was started somewhere on the floor between my bathroom and my bed one night in back in 2004. I collapsed, and couldn’t get up. It was positively the best day of my life. I had a profound realization that night: I needed to start leading my purpose.

At a moment in my life where the world would qualify me as a corporate world, speaker and business coaching success, I now was surrounded by a battery of doctors and psychologists. I was labeled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME), and was told I would make some improvement but would have to learn to live with “it” for the rest of my life. I was also medically classified as morbidly obese.

After some time, I decided to detox the way I felt, thought, ate, moved, lived, and connected. On some days I did well, on some days I got feedback as to how to do things differently. And then I did do things differently. Initially, one painful step at a time. Later, one magnificent leap after the other. Today I am free of Chronic Fatigue and obesity, and have been for many years.

Change became my passion, and my evolution continues. This is what I wish for my students: the experience of changing your own life and that of others. Creating a new awareness, a new way to look at the world, to really connect and understand others, reaching your goals, finding and leading a life of purpose. To understand that life is meant to be and can be enjoyed, and the only thing that stands in our way is the way our brains operate, the emotions we let get the better of us, and the physically unhealthy and stressful lives we lead. My passion is to move people from a place where they are stuck, to a place where they are in movement. Movement is “key,” and much like a muscle, we become stiff in our evolution if we don’t move. As an NLP Trainer, I feel committed to help people remove those limits that hold them back. I believe this requires NLP that goes beyond just the surface; the NLP Master Practitioner especially is an excellent platform to truly work on a very deep level.

For me values such as integrity, authenticity and a deep personal connection to my students are of crucial importance. To connect to the student individually, and guide a group connection with a common vision of leaving the class as a 2.0 version of ourselves. My aim in the design teaching all the tools and techniques, for a group process and group consciousness to unfold. Where people feel a deep connection to each other, feel accepted and safe. Students from all over the world stay friends, visit each other in far destinations, taking a red eye flight at a moments notice to support each other in loss and visits to the doctor during chemo-therapy, business partnerships, joint motivational speaking engagements, and even a few marriages.

We intentionally keep classes small, because as a teacher it is required that there is no need for name tags, far from it, I want to know who you are, what motivates you, what makes you tick. I am not interested in just WHAT you learn, but HOW you learn. How I can remove your limitations, to help you shift your own coding of the past, present, and the future. And shatter the limiting beliefs you once had, and improving the way you work, live, perform, relate and parent. To help you reach your goals, regardless of what that goal for you to use the tools to become a (better) coach, a better leader, a better teacher, performer, seller or partner. Or anything that you wish to use the tools for. Where you no longer have to lead a life in mediocrity, or settle for just being pretty good, but to be great instead.

I look forward to meeting all of you!

Love and live well,

Social Edupreneurship

Nicole calls herself a social-edupreneur! The business model of Global NLP Training supports less than fortunate children and families. She engages in shorter teaching or NLP projects raising funds, or directly educating adults working with children in underprivileged countries. Add image.

In addition Nicole has a close relationship and works year round with:
Sjakitairus School of Mentally Disabled Children on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

Mentor Foundation: an organization devoted to helping underprivileged people to start their own business elevating their families out of poverty for generations to come.

Aidhub: an organization created to provide transparency where it comes to non-profit organizations around the world.

Nicole is the author of Social Coach-Preneurship - Using Social Entrepreneurship to Get Coaching Clients. Global NLP Training has committed to offer 1 time a year a special version of the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner encouraging coaches to adopt a business model that allows coaches to become more successful whilst adopting a business model that services the great good.

To read more about Nicole's efforts: [ Click Here ]

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Nicole's Blog

Nicole's Global NLP Blog can be found at:

Nicole frequently gets questions from former students, and requests for articles or information from other NLP trainers aiding their development. Instead of answering these many requests privately, she turns them into a learning source for everyone. She does this via podcasts, her blog, or the Global NLP Youtube channel.

Nicole on Youtube

Nicole's Global NLP Blog can be found at

Nicole frequently gets questions from former students, and requests for articles or information from other NLP trainers aiding their development. Instead of answering these many requests privately, she turns them into a learning source for everyone. She does this via podcasts, her blog, or the Global NLP Youtube channel.

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Brandon O'Dell
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Transition comes in many forms. Our careers evolve. Our interests shift. People leave or die. We grow older. Change can be confronting and challenging. Yet these moments offer valuable information. If we can open our hearts, minds and bodies, we stand to learn and grow more in these moments than in a lifetime of comfort. Finding your passion and listening to your inner voice takes conscious presence and consistent awareness.

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Szabina Mozes, Trainer


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Kris Belding, Trainer


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