Company Values

Company Values

Global NLP Training operates from five fundamental values. Passion about change, heart, integrity & honesty, fun & learning, and commitment are at the core of the course offerings and products.

“A passion for change” incorporates the principle belief that everyone faces change. The main question is whether you are going to be guiding change or is change going to be governing you? We believe that with the proper training and education, everyone can learn the tools necessary to guide change.

“Heart” is about being passionate about what we do. The creation of Global NLP Training was a result of a passion for Life Coaching and NLP, and the positive impact they can have on an individual’s life.

“Integrity and honesty” operates on a belief of being true to your values. Global NLP Training holds its values in front of everything that we do, and measures results compared to the fulfillment of those values.

“Fun and Learning” is a belief that to truly learn anything significant, the teaching must be fun. To learn is to grow, and to grow in learning you must have fun.

“Commitment” is staying true to our values. If we stay true to our values we will deliver lasting value to our students and customers. We teach this as a part of our training, and reflect it in the actions and offerings of our company.