Global NLP Training Company Overview

We offer a quality certification program that builds versatile and highly applicable coaching & NLP skill sets wrapped up inside a life-changing event! We provide NLP training specifically designed for those of who want to step into the field of coaching or to apply NLP to change or improve any area of their lives.

Global NLP Training offers cutting-edge international NLP training and coaching certification in locations around the world. We are known for providing high-quality live training seminars with one of the most favorable trainer-to-student ratios available in the industry. This allows us to impart more to our students and work directly with them on a more personal level.

Integrity, Fun, Connection & a Passion for Evolution

Most companies start with a solid business plan. Global NLP Training was started with a different kind of plan – our aim was to build a company in line with positive values; to create a place where everyone – team member and client alike – loves to spend time. We believe that we will get more of the things we connect to, so it is crucial that we connect to our own evolution instead of to the things that cause our demise. Our company, our program, and our team have been carefully put together to facilitate a direct personal connection with our students and their evolution, in order for them to connect to their own personal change and that of others.

In a world of sometimes questionable leadership, as well as in the world of NLP, integrity should be the foundation we stand on to begin creating true, positive change. At Global NLP Training, we believe that when our leaders, parents, teachers, coaches and guides operate with a basis of integrity, they create an environment in which evolution and positive change will automatically flourish. But at the same time, we insist on having fun! Fun is a vital component because it is not only the best source for motivation, but it is also the best way for people to learn quickly!

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We offer certification through the Society of NLP for all of our students. The Society of NLP is the only legitimate licensing body for NLP endorsed by the co-creator of NLP.

Because we are considered a high-end company with a reputation of excellence, our coaching certifications, endorsed by INEMLA, are invaluable to any coach and will allow you to gain membership into internationally recognized coaching organizations around the world.  All of our certificates are valid internationally.

Registered School for Short Vocational Education

Due to the quality of our school and our program, we have achieved a special status regarding NLP and coaching training in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. After an extensive audit by a government agency, we were admitted to the Central Register for Short Vocational Education (CRKBO.) We are proud to say that ours is one of the few NLP training schools to have achieved this status.

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Our Clients

Our students have described their experience with us as life-altering, and as one of the best and most impactful experiences of their lives. Our course has been described as a learning experience that is unparalleled by anything else out there. We have taught many coaches in the industry, and re-trained many students who had previously studied elsewhere. For this reason, our training sessions are consistently sold out.

Although we predominantly train coaches, motivational speakers, educators and mental health professionals, we have had clients over the years who have come from a vast array of backgrounds. This wide spectrum includes the world of counterintelligence, UN negotiators, the Pentagon, senior executives, multi-million-dollar business entrepreneurs and sales professionals, top-end international lawyers and judges, professional athletes, religious and spiritual leaders, and celebrities from the entertainment industry. Some of our clients come to us because they want to become better parents, improve their communication skills, help others, or just create a better life for themselves.

We offer live seminars as well as post-course online training and a global community of certified graduates.

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Training Locations

We offer training in Venice Beach/Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, Miami Beach in Florida, Bali, Indonesia, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, several times each year. Additionally, we provide customized in-house training for companies worldwide.

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Office Locations

Our trainings take place in hotels and beach resorts in all of our locations. Our administrative offices are in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Washington, D.C. in the United States.

Team Global

Team Global operates under the leadership of Nicole Schneider, owner and founder of Global NLP Training.

At any given time, we work with five to eight expert consultant trainers from around the world, with various international backgrounds. For each training session, we assemble the team that is most suited to offer the best training experience in that specific geographic region. At the same time, we make sure to provide favorable trainer to student ratios. We also have graduates from previous courses who volunteer to assist our current students.

Our strong operational staff, located in the United States, is completely dedicated to our past, present and future students. Alongside the resources they provide, we also work with a team of legal professionals and accountants in Europe as well as in the United States.

Our team of IT professionals at Las Olas Technologies is run by Jeff Mendelson. Our website’s photography is by Mark Hirsch Photography.