Company History

Company History

Nicole Schneider, working with other international trainers, originally started Global NLP Training as a temporary training project in 2006. The strong program she developed then continues to change and improve over time.

Global NLP Training Company History

Though we initially focused on NLP for business purposes, Global NLP Training has grown to include individuals who have a desire to coach, teach, inspire, heal, and change their own lives and those of others.

Over the years, Nicole has established a thriving international business whose core values include integrity and a passion for change. The company has put together a strong team of trainers, which has expanded from Europe to the United States and has grown from three training sessions a year to seven – excluding in-company trainings.

As of 2012, we have begun to roll out a strategic roadmap focusing on post-course support, created a worldwide student network, and produced videos, audio courses, and additional course offerings. Many of these efforts are web-based or can be operated via smartphone apps.