MBTI® Personality Type Tools

MBTI®  (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) is a personality typing tool taught as part of the Life Coach Training and NLP Master Practitioner training. It is taught in a unique fashion directly using the framework and methodology of NLP based coaching. This allows you to how NLP can be used more effectively with different personality types. Personality plays a significant role how we code information in the brain, use our senses, sort for time, strategies, and code experience.

OKA workbook“The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the way individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.”
– Mary H. McCaulley, co- author of the MBTI® Manual: a Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

With more then 1.5 million MBTI® assessments taken each year, it is the most widely used personality type questionnaire used in the world.  These are the official assessments only. It is possible with a high degree of accuracy to speed read individuals without using the questionnaire itself.  This depends on the competency of the reader, and how clear the preferences are of the individual being read is.

MBTI® Personality Type Tool facts

  • About preferences people have only, this means for instance that each of us have introverted characteristics as well as extraverted.
  • It is about consistency of behavior in most circumstances. 
  • People with the same personality, are not the same.
  • The MBTI® assessment tool is not used to determine mental illness, in fact, it assesses the personality type of mentally healthy people.
  • The MBTI® assessment tool assumes that people change throughout their life.
  • 65% of the people show the exact same test results when re-tested over time.

Why Learn the MBTI® tool?

The MBTI® tool has been used for:

  • Understanding yourself an others
  • Personal preferences
  • Understanding working styles
  • How do people react under stress
  • What motivators do people use to make decisions
  • Understanding how different personalities learn, and prefer to have information presented to them
  • Understanding where different personalities gain and loose energy
  • How to sell a product, idea, or a belief to a person with a certain personality type
  • Increase awareness of personality type dynamics in any given relationship
  • Creating team awareness
  • Career guidance based on personality type
  • Understanding how people react differently to change
  • Understanding miscommunication and problems between people as a result of personality type differences
  • Tools for persuasion and influencing others
  • Etc.

Who uses the MBTI® assessment tool?

As a result you will find the MBTI® assessment tool used in:

  • Personal Development 
  • Coaching & Therapy for individuals, teams, and relationships 
  • Management & Leadership incl. organizational change & team building
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Career Guidance & Recruitment
  • Education & Training

Global NLP Training and the MBTI® assessment tool

You will receive your detailed interpretative MBTI® personality assessment during training!  Sample MBTI® report. 

Global NLP Training has an MBTI® Qualified Practitioner (Step I + II), and experienced trainer on staff.

Global NLP Training will administer the test on each course participant, and discuss the results. The MBTI® tool will be explained, as well as how personality can be determined with a high level of accuracy without administering the test. Various exercises will be done, to help understand personality types of yourself and others. In addition, the MBTI® assessment will be taught and how it can be used in the context of coaching, career guidance, education, leadership and sales.

We also teach the MBTI® assessment tool in relation, integration, and in combination with NLP, in particular NLP Metaprograms and NLP based coaching, as taught in Master Practitioner training.

Please note:
Though the MBTI® assessment tool is part of the Social and Emotional Intelligence Certification, students will not be considered Qualified Users of the MBTI® tool. Which means officially administering the official MBTI® assessment is not allowed.  We recommend working with Qualified Users to administer the test, this can be done online with various resources inexpensively. You will receive a set of questions, that will reveal with practice and skill personality with a high level of accuracy.

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