Immersion Learning System

Global NLP Training: Immersion Learning System

The only way the human brain can learn is by having fun! The brain also learns much faster, than traditional teachers realize. Global NLP Training understands the brain learns incredibly fast! It only takes a split second to “learn” how to have a phobia, and a moment to develop insecurities about public speaking for instance. Further more, you never forget to have them!

When the brain is not entertained or busy with other tasks, it starts doing things other than learning. For many of us, our school days were spent day-dreaming, cramming for exams (memorizing “stuff” to be stored for short periods of time), and listening for hours on end with little or no retention. The bottom line is it took us years to learn only a fraction of (useful) information.

Global NLP Training understands the best way people can learn and retain information, and only teaches topics that are useful. Some of our students report, they learned more useful information in 16 days, than they learned in their entire time in college.

Our goal is for you to become not only consciously competent at coaching and NLP, but also unconsciously competent. This means that NLP and coaching becomes like driving a car, sometimes you don’t even consciously know how you got to your destination.

Global NLP Training has devised a learning system to ensure conscious and unconscious learning of all skills and techniques. Some NLP training schools believe that only unconscious installation is needed (taking notes is not allowed, and only a very basic version of a manual is provided.) Other schools are only capable teaching consciously (much like our teachers in school).

Global NLP Training believes that both conscious and unconscious learning’s are needed. Global NLP Training utilizes updated methodologies to teach the conscious part of the training, and utilizes cutting edge NLP technologies for the unconscious learning.

This makes us unique in the industry and allows Global NLP Training to lead the way in NLP and life coach training throughout the world!

The Global NLP Training Immersion Learning System includes the following methodologies for teaching:

  • Global NLP Training Advanced Platform Skills & Immersion Training
  • NLP (unconscious learning)
  • Educational Psychology (conscious learning)
  • Advanced Platform Skills and Charisma Enhancement (Dr. Richard Bandler)
  • Quantum Learning (advanced integration of theory and practice)

Our learning system is the reason why we are capable of teaching quality NLP and life coaching methods and provide several coaching certifications at the same time.

 We believe immersion style live seminars are the best and only way to become a high quality coach or NLP Practitioner. In choosing the right NLP and coach training you have to ask yourself:

  • Would you let your brain be operated on by a brain surgeon whom learned his/her skills online, CD-rom, DVD and books only?
  • What is the best way to learn a foreign language? Immersing you in the country where the language is spoken, or learning it at home from a DVD?

In high quality NLP and coach training, corners can’t be cut and quality can’t be compromised:

  • All of the training is taught in a live seminar with expert trainers and students in the room. No part of the course is taught by CD-rom, DVD, webinar, book or phone.
  • Training has to be learned immersion style in 7 days for NLP Practitioner, and 5 days for a NLP Business Practitioner. Longer formats are often an indication of traditional conscious teaching styles, or an older outdated version of NLP. Formats shorter than 7 days for NLP Practitioner, 8 days for NLP Master Practitioner or 5 days for NLP Business Practitioner are an indication of less quality, or only a portion of NLP being taught.
  • Training is to be completed at once, weekend or evening only seminars interrupt flow of learning and prevent proper unconscious learning.
  • Minimal distractions from the outside world are required.
  • Only the most current and most updated NLP techniques are to be taught.
  • Each technique is to be consciously and unconsciously learned, practiced, and understood. This means a mix of teaching methodologies are required.
  • We are proud to have the best and most comprehensive manuals in the business. They remain excellent reference materials and are easily understood after the course.
  • Trainers are to be highly experienced, personally trained by the creators of NLP, and licensed by the most prestigious NLP licensing companies in the world. Each trainer has to have followed an apprenticeship with a reputable high quality training company.
  • All of our trainers have an extensive background in coaching, therapy and business in addition to being world class trainers.
  • Availability of a minimum of 2 senior trainers with complimentary working styles.
  • 1 senior trainer per 10 students maximum.
  • Quality NLP can be taught in conjunction with coaching techniques, coaching core competencies, EFT, NLP Timeline Coaching, Social & Emotional Intelligence, MBTI, and a basic understanding of hypnosis. It can not be taught in conjunction with advanced hypnosis, psychotherapy, energy work, and systems that have little or no relation to NLP (though may compliment it.) The only exception to this is if the Practitioner course exceeds the amount of 7 days, and Master Practitioner 8 days.