Discounts & Payment Plan

Free Flight Program

$500 USD/ 300 Euro Off

Out of commitment to our students training away from home, we are willing to offer you a $500 USD/300 Euro off off Free Flight Program. 


  • Booking the 16 Day NLP Practitioner + Master Practitioner and Life Coach Certification Program
  • Flying in to the location of training
  • Or driving in from out of state and are unable to travel home each day of the training

Bring a Friend Discount

We offer discounts for students whom are bringing 1 or more friends. The discount depends on the course location, and the amount of friends you are brining.

Payment Plan

A payment plan can be made available, unfortunately we are unable to offer any discounts on this plan, this includes early bird fees + free flight program. $600 dollar / 600 Euro registration fee is required, and a signed contract. NLP Licensing will not be obtained until full course fees are paid.