Full Master Class (6 Days)

On the first three days of the Global NLP Training Master Class we will present you with a series of powerful coaching questioning that takes the meta model to a whole new level. The days will be alternated with a series of advanced patterns that can easily become building blocks for your own future NLP pattern designs or function as stand-alone patterns.

Introduction using Connection Patterning "The Claire Technique."

Powerful conversational questioning:

  • Advanced Meta modeling
  • Intentionally using "why" to create impact
  • Technique to prevent meta model boundaries being pushed
  • Cartesian logic questioning pattern
  • Getting to epiphanies, breakthroughs and WOWs!
  • Questioning to turn around negative thought patterns
  • Questioning for the chronically negative & problem addicted
  • Pattern interrupt questioning
  • Breaking negative spirals down in conversation
  • Pattern interrupt for emotionally manipulative clients

NLP Patterns & Building Blocks:

  • Logical Levels Pattern: environment, behavior, capability, beliefs, values, identity, purpose.
  • Connecting back into happiness pattern / Excuse blow-out pattern using values & submodalities
  • Problem solving through Up-time
  • Problem solving for teams pattern
  • Clarifying relationships pattern
  • Solution pattern for Dreamers & Critics (turning goals into a reality.)
  • As-if Pattern
  • Changing Timelines for problem solving, goal setting, and motivation
  • Bringing adult wisdom onto your timeline / parental timelines

Negative Self-Talk building blocks to build your own pattern:
  • Changing voices of failure and doom
  • Changing negative self talk through chunking, values, and core states
  • Changing negative self talk through submodalities
  • Changing negative self talk though temporal changes

Belief Work:

  • Limiting belief pattern I
  • Limiting belief pattern 2
  • Using source/higher self/spirituality to integrate beliefs
  • Language patterns for belief work


Alignment of Perceptual Positions Technique:

  • Moving someone who is stuck in one perceptual position
  • Moving someone who is stuck in a representational system