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Founder International Day for Dreamers & Coach

Ozioma is the organizer of the International Day for Dreamers and runs an accomplished life coaching practice using NLP. In this interview Ozioma gives her take on change, NLP, and following your dreams. The interview was conducted by Mark Gordon from KXLU Radio.

Over the years Ozioma started the successful International Day for Dreamers: visit the International Day for Dreamers website. In addition, she also is the founder and owner of coaching company Burnbright Lifeworks.



Podcast Claire Naber Matalqa

Screenwriter & Producer

Claire used to have an extreme phobia for needles, in this podcast she talks about how she used NLP to overcome her fears using the Fast Phobia Cure.

She is a fantastic human being, originally from Jordan, where she co-created the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts, in collaboration with the USC School of Cinematic Arts in California. She gave it all up to follow her dream and that little voice inside her head. She moved to Los Angeles, and decided to become a screenwriter and producer. Mark Gordon from KXLU Los Angeles had the opportunity to interview her.



Podcast Barry Mc Intosh

Boat Captain

How does a boat captain use NLP and coaching in a small enclosed environment and in sometimes dangerous situations? In this interview with Mark Gordon, Barry reveals his stories at sea and how NLP comes in handy!

“95% of my job is psychology. There is a joke that says to become a boat captain you need a 1 week navigation course and a 4 year psychology degree.”– Barry Mc Intosh.



Podcast Cristi Williams

Entertainment Life Coach

Cristi Williams is the founder of Shading the Limelight, a life coaching practice working with teens (and their parents) in the entertainment industry. Cristi works with up-and-coming artists, celebrities in both music, television and film. With a minor in counseling, years in the field of education, coaching, and raising a young daughter in the music industry she is a true professional. Shading the limelight has offices in both Nashville and Los Angeles.

Website: Shading the Limelight

In this interview Cristi gives her insight how she uses coaching and NLP with her celebrity clientele. The interview was conducted by Mark Gordon, radio show host at KXLU Los Angeles.



Podcast Benjamin Roberts

NLP & Overcoming Cancer

In this podcast Benjamin shares with radio show host Mark Gordon how he overcame cancer using exercise and NLP. It was a moment shortly after his diagnosis, that his partner who just took an NLP training made a statement that changed the way he viewed the process of chemotherapy he was about to endure. He pulled himself through at warp speed using his brain and his body in the right way, surprising medical professionals.

This podcast is something you must pass on to anyone fighting the battle.



Podcast Spencer Combs

Author & Coach

Spencer runs a successful coaching practice and is author of the book “Get a Grip – The Genesis of Personal Development.” In this interview with Mark Gordon from KXLU Los Angeles, Spencer talks about the world of personal development. Spencer is a true example as to how to build your own successful coaching business.

I highly recommend listening to this podcast and read his book which is available on Amazon: Get a Grip by Spencer Combs.
For more information about Spencer, his events, his books and coaching: Spencer Combs International.



Podcast Ashley Berges

Life Coach & Radio Talk Show Host

Ashley is a successful author, life coach, and radio talk show host! She has devoted her life to help others to lead their true lives.


She offers the full package with her book “Live Your True Life”, which has a companion guide “The 10 Day Challenge to Lead Your True Life”, and a radio show! Mark Gordon was able to catch Ashley between media appearances for an interview about NLP and her spider phobia!



Podcast Vivi Lampou

NLP and Burnout

Vivi Lampou is an organizational psychologist hailing from Greece. Mark Gordon from KXLU Los Angeles talks with Vivi about NLP in Greece, burnout, and how she applies the tools of NLP in her life.




Podcast Kelly King

Singer & Winner Viña Del Mar Song Festival 2013

Kelly King is an extremely talented top 20 billboard recording artist, and she coaches others to their dream into reality. Growing up a child star prodigy, working with singers such as Dolly Parton, Baby Face and Dolly Parton. She knows first hand the difficulties of a child star.

She was highly skeptical about NLP, and ended up taking the training anyway. And it changed her life forever.In this podcast Kelly talks with Mark Gordon about NLP, and using NLP as a performer.

Post-class Kelly ended up signing a record deal based on her well formed outcome, and win the Vina Del Mar Song Festival. With that her dream to perform inside a stadium with millions of viewers around the world came true! The amazing person that she is….she texted her NLP trainer after every performance, who was rooting an ocean away.



Podcast Aaron Cornett

NLP for PTSD in the US Military

Aaron Cornett was the first out of several therapists and medical professionals working for the US military to come to our training, and has successfully implemented the use of NLP into his working with soldiers suffering PTSD. Discover the true power of NLP, when placed in the right hands! Listen to this podcast to find out more about Aaron and the amazing work that he has done.