NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coach Certification

Los Angeles, California

The course includes:

  • Licensing as an NLP Practitioner
  • Motivational Coach Certification
  • Optional: NLP Communication Certification
  • Comprehensive course manual and materials
  • The best post training support available in the industry such as questions answered via video & smart phone app, retaking our course, and access to previous training videos & coaching forms for a $250 membership fee.

Detailed Description:

NLP Practitioner Program

The best and most exciting way to learn NLP is through our immersion style learning format. In this program we will teach you the core competencies of NLP, NLP based Positive Psychology and Coaching. NLP provides the most advanced and powerful set of tools available for duplicating excellence and creating powerful communication skills. These skills can be used for yourself and to lead others to their goals.

Our Los Angeles venue offers a relaxing and fun environment to allow you to easily and enjoyably learn the most advanced and pure form of NLP available in the world.  We offer a unique blend of presentation, demonstration and hands on practical application.

Our statement regarding safety and the Coronavirus COVID-19

Global NLP continues to be conscious of the Coronavirus. We acknowledge this is a fluid, dynamic situation driven by science and agencies which support accurate numbers to determine how we make decisions day by day.

Having said that, here’s where we are:

  1. We are limiting the maximum amount of course participants to 10-15 per class until July 1st, 2020. Our classes are currently scheduled to go through.
  2. We are working to create an online alternative that serves the needs of our students who are impacted by travel restrictions. We are in the process of creating a solution for you to participate in a live stream version of the training, with the option to finalize your certification at any of our seminars globally in the future. This will be inclusive of the possibility of taking the class twice at no additional cost to you.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

You will learn:

  • How to become a powerful and motivational communicator
  • How to increase your sensory awareness of yourself and others
  • How to remove limiting fears and phobias
  • How to master your mind and control your emotional states
  • How to effectively acquire unconscious or not-presented information from others
  • How to motivate and empower yourself and others to achieve outstanding results
  • NLP based positive psychology
  • NLP tools and techniques for coaching, motivational leadership
  • NLP tools for mediation, negotiation, conflict management, sales & marketing

NOTE: Limited seats are available, as this training is held at a reduced rate for students taking the full immersion program.

Learn More:

NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coaching

NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coach. Optional: NLP Communication.
Entry requirements
Total class hours
55-60 hours
Training, manual, certification, post-course support
(Bali: simple buffet lunch) and Society of NLP Licensing and membership.

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Pricing & Discounts


Regular Tuition

NLP Practitioner & Motivational Coaching

Regular Tuition: $2,250

NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coaching

Regular Tuition: $2,400

Full Program (Both)

Regular Tuition: $3,100

Upcoming Courses in Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles, CA | September 2021
    NLP Practitioner and Motivational Coaching
    September 11 – September 17
    NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach
    September 19 – September 26
    Full Immersion (Both)
    September 11 – September 26 (Day off September 18)