Why do we think better in the shower?


Why do we think better in the shower? Transcript.

Why is the shower such a great place to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems? Showers are idea incubators. I love living in them. I even considered turning this video into what’s the NLP trainer’s ideal idea incubator – other than Bali, where I am right now. Just finished the training.

There’s a neurological reason for this, and let me tell you what that is. When you’re in the shower, there are two things happening. Well, one, your stimulus is reduced, and two, you’re put in a positive emotional state. So let me go into this visually. Visually there is less to look at. Often there’s very little new information.

Often it’s a familiar environment, so there isn’t much to look at here. So there the stimulants is greatly reduced. Auditory, there isn’t much to listen to other than white noise, which also relaxes the brain, puts it in a different state, a different brainwave kinesthetically, there is no movement. You have to hold yourself up from gravity, which is work, but you’re not moving around, you’re not doing anything.

So you’re actually the stimulus of the kinesthetic sensation is reduced also by the fact that there is no temperature difference between the air and your skin. So that’s a less, again, less stimulus. All of those different things combined also create a positive emotion, emotions of relaxation, comfort, peace, et cetera.

Now, so that allows for the shower to be an ideal incubator. Now, how can this be useful for yourself as an NLP practitioner or as a coach or something like that? Well, think about this further. What would happen? You asked your clients to take a shower before the coaching session, or what would happen if you took a shower yourself before the coaching session?

I often actually do. What would happen if you created coaching tasks or tasks for self-coaching and you reflect and do them in the shower. You need to be there in order to get clean. What would happen if you asked your clients to take a shower after a decision? Think about all of those different things.

What about doing NLP visualizations in the shower? You get the idea. You can even goal set in the shower. We have a major NLP hub going live pretty soon. If not, it’s already live by the time that you see this. We have life training in Bali, uh, Miami, Los Angeles. Amsterdam, Mexico. We have online training from Joshua Tree.

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