What Should Everyone Do Within 72 Hours of Their NLP Training?


An NLP training ends and everyone goes their separate ways. After our NLP training in Amsterdam or Los Angeles, most people immediately must go back to work, their lives, and their children. After NLP Training Bali, there are many students travelling immediately.

What I have noticed though, is that people loved the experience, and in some cases reflect a lot. But life knocks on our door. Though the NLP training is permanent learning regarding many tools, some things either need active practice or daily application for you to become even happier and to keep the bubble alive.

The exciting thing that I noticed though is that the students who continued their change process did something very intentional within 72 hours after their NLP training in most cases. They actively either applied the toolset on someone else or explained one of the tools to someone else. This can mean anything from a pattern, to directly using the techniques on someone in your world.

Outside of that, if you don’t plan to be a coach, you shouldn’t make this a big deal. You can apply the tools at work, with your family, and with your friends. You can stop and run the patterns on yourself inside your own brain.

Here are a few activities you could do after your NLP Training if you aren’t a coach within 72 hours of leaving the class:

  1. Build rapport with someone on the plane or at the airport.
  2. Take someone out for lunch, listen to their meta-programs (NLP Master Practitioner), and teach them the ones you spotted.
  3. Verbally talk someone through a new behavior pattern, using the perceptual positions.
  4. During a meeting try to put the speaker or the whole room into a perceptual position of your choice.
  5. Elicit the state of curiosity inside someone else.
  6. Anchor them.
  7. Listen for someone’s predicates use (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), and talk back to them in their preferred modality.
  8. Future pace someone and use submodalities.
  9. 4-tuple a story you tell someone else.
  10. Shift someone’s emotional state
  11. Etc.

My point is rather than go on autopilot, consciously mark the changes you made, and find a form of application beyond reflection after your NLP training.

Other recommendations after NLP training to commemorate your shift:

  1. Find somewhere near your NLP training an object from nature, or a piece of jewelry. Anchor it.
  2. Re-arrange a room in your house or buy a new piece of furniture.

Please comment below if you have other suggestions of things you could do to be conscious of your shift, and slow down after your NLP training.