What is better a gratitude journal or letter? | Science


What is better a gratitude journal or letter? Science has an answer to this question. Watch the above video lesson.

Video summary:

– A study with nearly 1000 Australian people found that writing gratitude letters or essays resulted in more feelings of gratitude than keeping a journal.
– However, those who wrote the letters also had increased feelings of indebtedness.
– To write an effective letter, use NLP techniques to draw the recipient into your experience and be specific about what you are grateful for.
– For extra impact, make an appointment to read the letter aloud in person.

What makes is better a gratitude journal or letter?

Could unlocking the true power of gratitude be as simple as putting pen to paper? A recent study in Australia put this long-standing question to the test, and results revealed that writing out a letter or essay expressing your thanks had significantly more profound effects than traditional journaling. However, one interesting side effect showed people who created these letters sometimes felt like they owed something in return!

Through their studies, researchers found that taking the time to jot down meaningful expressions of gratitude in detailed essays brought about more powerful feelings of thankfulness than merely listing three items in a journal. However, it was also revealed that this act could sometimes bring with it an uncomfortable sense of being obligated – something worth considering when engaging in these writing exercises.

Writing a heartfelt thanks to someone important in your life can be intimidating and overwhelming. But you don’t have to approach it alone! Drawing on the best of both positive psychology and NLP, create an inspiring gratitude letter that will captivate your listener – get creative by allowing them into your world with vivid descriptions of what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling. Then why not take things one step further: arrange for an appointment where they can hear these words come directly from you? With this innovative combination of techniques at hand – nobody needs miss out on special moments anymore!


What is better a gratitude journal or letter? Clearly it is a gratitude journal. However, a difference is that a journal you keep daily, and a letter is more time consuming to write. In the end it comes down to personal preference.