What are the benefits of retaking NLP training?

Benefits of retaking NLP training

Global NLP Training offers all former students the possibility of retaking their NLP training, either Practitioner, Master or both for a low cost and a lot of people make use of the this offer. So why would you sit in on a class you have already taken? The reasons are numerous, below my top 10.

1. Refresh: Regardless of how motivated and psyched you were during your initial training it was a lot of information and you’re bound to have missed out on something along the way. It is easy for certain things to slip your mind or be forgotten when you get back to everyday life and especially if you have been out there coaching since your training you’re bound to have come across situations where you wonder which strategy would be the most productive, revisiting the material can really help with this and set you back on track.

2. Depth: Having already learned the material allows you to now look at things in a broader sense. You’ll be surprised at how often you’ll see new possibilities, different links and achieve more insight into the material by actively taking part in the training again.

3. Modeling: It’s a perfect opportunity to sit back and watch Nicole or one her trainers at work. A lot can be learned from their techniques when you don’t have to worry about processing new information at the same time. Observation of the process instead of concentrating on the content can be a huge eye opener.

4. Practice: You should already be (somewhat) confident with the techniques and patterns of NLP. Having the chance to practice them again with the prior knowledge that you have can be a huge bonus. Knowing your weak spots and taking the time to work on them again gives you the opportunity to turn them into strengths.

5. Observation: Having already mastered the course material you can now take the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective. Think for example, eye accessing cues, representational systems and congruence vs incongruence. Observing the trainer and your fellow students, with these things in mind can be a huge learning experience.Benefits of retaking NLP training

6. Circumstance: Life is dynamic and changing all the time. Sometimes when your circumstances change, your whole perspective on life changes with it. New questions and challenges can arise, what better way to work through these life changes than in the training room, putting the material to good use in an environment that is already trusted and tested by you?

7. People: New people, new possibilities. Everyone who comes to an NLP training brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the world with them. There is so much to be learned from contact with others, especially when you come together with a shared interest in a specific subject.

8. Perspective: Often times people come to an NLP training for 1 of 2 reasons; their own personal growth or their reasons are work related. Quite often during a training you will see a switch in people’s perspective, they were sent by their boss but can now see how they can put NLP to good use in their personal life, or the other way around. Retaking the training offers a great opportunity to explore the material from this new perspective.

9. Investment: Maybe you will recognize the following: You signed up to learn NLP, the first few days you sat and listened, you observed, you practiced the patterns with your fellow students; you didn’t however invest. What do I mean by not investing? Basically you kept everything nice and comfortable, played it safe when practicing patterns etc. By the third or fourth day you realize that in holding back you’re actually selling yourself short and not getting the most out of what otherwise would have been an amazing journey of self discovery and awareness. Retaking the class with this insight is not only beneficial it can be hugely life changing.

10. Fun: By Global NLP training the premise is that the human brain can only learn when it is having fun, the course is designed with this in mind. Simply being back in the training room and meeting new people from all parts of the world and all walks of life only adds to a great experience!