Watching Movies and Practicing NLP Part 2

Watching Movies 2

See: Watching Movies and Practicing NLP Part 1

The following tips are more NLP Master Practitioner level.

  1. What are the meta-programs of each character in the movie? Or pick a few key meta programs and watch for those.
  2. Where does each character spend the majority of their time in the past, present or future? What direction are they facing on that timeline?
  3. Is each character in-time or through time? Anglo-American sorting or Arabic?
  4. If you needed to create a pattern of one of the presenting problems in the movie, what would it be?
  5. What values are being expressed in the movie?
  6. What is the core value of each character? Do you think?
  7. If you had to do the role of one of the lead characters right after watching it, observe the movie with in the back of your mind the concept of modeling? In other words try to model the actor in your head, even though you are unable to ask questions literally.
  8. If you had to use 3 NLP Patterns on a timeline in order to transform one of the characters, how would you do that?
  9. Who is visual, auditory or kinesthetic in the movie?
  10. Could you figure out a TOTE of acting a scene of one of the actors?

 Enjoy the movies! Don’t forget the popcorn.