Tips for Coaching and Social Media


1. In NLP based coaching we use a term “future pacing” a lot, meaning you imagine a time in the future and see the outcome already as if it is realized today. What would the impact be? I think it is the same when you start your social media campaigning! What do you want the outcome to be?

2. For every marketing message, have at least 10 messages that are of general service. Offer something up that people may need. It makes you feel good, and it gives an excellent impression. I would recommend your marketing message, not be a “call now” or “book a session at 50% off.” Offer people a good impression, a good feeling, a professional attitude, and let people see how you are someone who got what they need to succeed. Then, they will call you (even now!)  And they will book a session at 100%. No one likes telemarketing, loud screaming messages.

3.  Each time you post, your past customers see your name. Make sure that this is a positive thing?

4. Imagine that your post may arrive with someone who is having a so so day, and may end up thinking: “hey I could use a coach.” Or if they are getting tired of their best friends doom and gloom Facebook updates: “hey, he or she could use a coach!”

5. This is a great way to stay in a former customers life. I love finding out how my former clients are doing, have them somehow still be part of my life, if they choose to. At the same time it is good for business, that they never forget about me either.

Tip for Coaching and Social Media Part 2