Tips for Coaching and Social Media Part 2


6. Pay attention to how former customers are feeling, they may need you again.

7. Make sure you realize that you need to be yourself in Social Media, but that clients are watching. Only post those pictures, that you would not be ashamed to hang in your office. I even ask clients whom I had a glass of alcohol with, to not post these on Facebook with my name tagged. I am not an alcoholic, but if my customers only get their camera’s out the moment I have a glass of wine in my hand….

8. Decide early on, if you are going to have one facebook for clients and one for private. Or that they intermingle. I let mine intermingle, but I have an added benefit, that especially in my public training & coaching, I am pretty open. I am who I am. But if you are as a coach very different from the way you are in real life, you may want to split.

9. Is twitter dead? No it’s not. Besides, there could be an update to twitter tomorrow and it will revive.

10. You can post live, but you can also download programs that publish your post on a time schedule. Like Hootsuite.

11. Should you do Social Media for your business? Well, 15 years ago if a company didn’t have a website we wouldn’t think much off it. Today, we regard it a lack of professionalism if a company doesn’t have a website. Today it may still be acceptable to not have a Facebook Fanpage, but 5 years from now? The problem is, all your posts are dated, and it takes time for you to gather a community. The bottom line is, if you wake up 5 years from now, everyone will know you just started ¬†your Facebook fanpage. And your social media network will still need to build itself. Start now.