The Origins of Pleasure

The Origins of Pleasure

Next week an article will follow on this blog about “The Map is not the territory!”  In the video “The Origins of Pleasure” , Paul Bloom explains how our experience of an object, regardless if it is pleasurable or not, can change based on what we know about it.

Let’s say you walk into a fancy art gallery, high in professionalism, big white walls with stunning pieces on it. You see a painting, it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, it is unique, you experience an enormous amount of pleasure looking at it. You decide to buy it after careful consideration, because it is equal to 3 months of salary you saved up, but you experience this much pleasure admiring it. Then you find out it is a forgery, it isn’t unique at all. How much pleasure do you experience now looking at it? While previously you were willing to shell out 3 months of salary, because you experienced so much pleasure looking at it. What changed? The painting is still equally as beautiful.

Look at the video below, by Paul Bloom: