The NLP Hollywood Pattern


During our NLP training in Los Angeles, I would say a good 25% of people we train are part of the Hollywood crowd. People who work in the entertainment industry, services in the industry, have spouses or children who experience fame, or have to work around rejection and make ends meet. There seem to be a lot of stress and anxiety in Hollywood. There also seem to be a lot of dreams that are actually being fulfilled, and a lot of hard work being done. Over the years we have trained and coached Grammy award winners, Emmy award winners, Oscar nominees, winners and nominees of pretty much every prestigious award handed out on the red carpet.

This pattern is about fulfilling dreams. You know, the dreams that others say you are crazy to want to fulfill, but you do it anyway. My coaching clients who have achieved their dreams inspired me to create it, based on their brain coding. This pattern is to be done while walking (taking steps). It is a playful visualization, which may seem a little weird to do (you can do it in private, when no one can see). It involves cutting edge techniques in re-coding the brain, in a fun exercise.

  1. NLP Hollywood Walk of Fame: Imagine the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there are 6 stars in front of you. You can hear the traffic, the tourists, you see the neon signs, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face. At the end, on the 6th star from you, you see a hologram of yourself. This is the you who has fulfilled your dream. What would you look like? What specifically would you wear? What would you sound like the moment you fulfill your dream? What would the expression of your emotions be like at that moment in time? In your mind’s eye, make this hologram as real and as attractive as possible. You really need to feel the motivation that makes you want to be this version of yourself.
  2. Hollywood NLP Star 1: In the spot where you are currently standing, look at the star right in front of you. Think of a time in your life, or something that you currently do, where you are at peak creativity. Think of this time: what did you see, hear, and feel? Augment that feeling by re-living it, looking through your own eyes. Experience that moment as if it is real. The moment that you feel this emotion strongly, build a hologram of yourself standing on the star matching what you would look like and sound like, with all of the emotion that comes with creativity. Step into the hologram when you feel the emotion strongly and enjoy the experience of creativity. Step out of the star, right in front of the next star; this is a neutral emotional state.
  3. Hollywood NLP Star 2: From this space, think of a time where you executed a goal. You worked hard for it, dealt with failures, planned for it, determined the steps, and executed your goal. Do the same thing as in step number two, except for the emotional state of “realistic execution of a plan.” Create a hologram in the second star and step into it. Feel the emotion, and then step out, right in front of star number 3.
  4. Hollywood NLP Star 3: In this space between stars 2 and 3, imagine in the star in front of you stands a mentor or a coach you have. Someone you respect. What does the mentor look like, sound like? Make the coach or mentor as real as possible. Be realistic, tell the mentor about any reservations or limitations you may have. Imagine the mentor or coach speaking to you:
    1. “What would it be like if you could fulfill your dream?”
    2. “How would you be thinking and acting differently?”
    3. In a moment I will disappear, and in my place, I want you to create a hologram of yourself no longer burdened by these limitations and reservations. The version of yourself that has resolved all of your limitations.”
  5. Step into the neutral space, in between stars 3 and 4.
  6. Hollywood NLP Star 4: Create a hologram in the next star of yourself that comes up with creative solutions. Just as you did before. Before you step into the hologram ask yourself the question: “What do I need to do exactly to resolve these reservations and limitations?” Step into this hologram and think about how you can creatively solve the limitations. Step out in order to stand in between stars 4 and 5.
  7. Hollywood NLP Star 5: Create a hologram of yourself in a time where you didn’t take shortcuts, where you were motivated, willing to do what it took, where you worked hard. Even if it meant taking classes, working your way up, starting over a few times, and dealing with set-backs in resilience. Repeat the same process. But instead of stepping in the neutral space between stars 5 and 6, immediately take a leap into star 6. This allows the brain to learn that hard work and overcoming limitations leads to the emotion of fulfilling your dream).
  8. Hollywood NLP Star 6: Enjoy this hologram you created in step 1. Make what you would see, hear and feel the moment you reach the goal is as real as possible in order for the coding of the brain to solidify it, and for your brain to believe you already achieved it. Enjoy this state.
  9. As soon as the exercise is over, ask yourself this question: “What is the first step I need to complete to fulfill my dream?”