Post-NLP Master Practitioner Bali


Date: 5-11 April 2017
Number of days: 7
Location: Ubud, Bali
Level: NLP Master Practitioner (varied experience levels are assumed.)
Certification: Life Coach (Society of NLP), Advanced Coaching Master-Class I and II, Global NLP Master Class I and II, Basic Workshop Instructor.

Thanks to a group of students gathering a small group, we are organizing this NLP Post-Master Practitioner as a one time event on the island of Bali, as usually this training takes place once every two years in Amsterdam.

And before anyone asks, it is possible to re-take your NLP Practitioner and/or NLP Master Practitioner right before this class. There are a few days off between the two classes.

The training will be held in and around a beautiful villa, where the best of Bali can be experienced. We have our own gardens, pool, and rooms are available for our students at a very low cost.

In the video above we have outlined all that this course entails in terms of content. For more information or registration please visit our Post-Master Practitioner page on the website: Post-NLP Master Practitioner.

Overview of Contents

General NLP Communication Strategies
The Claire Pattern: quickly connecting to new groups/others and be liked instantly.
Stopping negative what if spirals in thought or communication
Stopping escalation into drama
Advanced & strategic NLP Meta Model
Disconnecting people from re-living their past
Dealing with vagueness

Advanced Patterns
Integration into Happiness
Clarifying relationships
Pattern to turn large dreams into attainable & realistic goals
Advanced time lining (parental timelines, forgiveness, moving timelines.)
Negative self-talk patterns
Advanced perceptual positions
Limiting belief patterning (3 hour process.)

How to use NLP in public speaking & groups.

Please contact or visit our website for this NLP post-master class on Bali.