NLP with Love and Kindness Meditation


NLP and meditation go hand-in-hand for me. My favorite meditation is love & kindness meditation, also called metta meditation. This is an ancient meditation, but I like to NLP it up a little. One of my students asked me to write it down, so here we are!

As an NLP Trainer, I am not afraid to dabble with other modalities. Science doesn’t lie, meditation works, and meditation is all about the neuro-sciences. I find it crucial for an NLP coach or an NLP trainer to meditate if you care about your ability to leverage your brain’s neuroplasticity and improve your work.

Dr. Barbara Frederickson, the leading expert in the emotion of love, has done scientific testing on this meditation. It has the usual benefits of meditation, and also increases our ability to be kind and to love. This increases our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

NLP Love and Kindness Meditation

Interval 1: Someone Who Loves You a Lot

Imagine in front of you is a person you love a lot. Imagine a bond or a connection in some way between you and that person, a light beam for instance. Give love to them and receive love from them.

Say the following phrases:
“May you feel peace.”
“May you feel happy.”
“May you feel healthy.”
“May you live with ease.”

As you do this, visualize this person becoming happier, the colors of the image brightens. If there is sound, make it more intense.

Interval 2: Yourself

Imagine yourself, from the moment that you are born to the age you are now, and do the same thing.

You may switch the phrases to:
“May I feel…”

Interval 3: A Neutral Person

Imagine a neutral person in your world, such as the person at the coffee house, the lady in the cafeteria, or the mail man. Repeat the same thing.

You switch the phrases to “you” again.

Interval 4: Someone That Gives You a Negative Emotion

Imagine a person that gives you negative emotion and repeat the same thing.

Interval 5: The World

Repeat, and either imagine whatever people come to mind on their own at that moment, or imagine spreading love right around you, widening the circle until the whole universe is included.

How long you should do this meditation is up to you, but if you want to have any scientific benefit from it, I recommend setting your timer to 10, 15, 20 minutes. Any longer may be too long of a stretch if you are just beginning to meditate. Please keep in mind that I combined this love and kindness with NLP. I didn’t take away from the meditation, I just added the NLP pieces to it.