NLP Training | Technique to Change the Brain to Reduce Stress


NLP Training offers multiple tools to alleviate stress. This article will outline a simple technique I created to facilitate the reduction of stress in a very specific way. By reducing ruminating on negative thoughts about stressful things in your life, rather than increasing or savoring positive experiences in your life.

There are, in essence, two ways to heal a brain that is stuck and permanently stressed: meditation and grounding. However, most of us can regulate ourselves by intervening in the moment and reduce stress by not spinning stressful thoughts. The issue is when the brain isn’t entertained, it randomly starts doing things on its own. When we feel stressed, it is usually having stressful or negative thoughts.

NLP Technique to Change the Brain to Reduce Stress

Step 1: What would happen if you considered this stress to be useful to you? For example, stress for an upcoming public speaking engagement is merely a sign that you need to prepare and gather information.
This is called NLP reframing.

Step 2: Based on the answer in step 1, is there any action you need to do? What is the task specifically? Do the task.
In NLP training, we teach the meta-model as to how to do this better.

Step 3: Ask your intuition what is the positive intent behind feeling stressful. What is the answer? For many people, it is about safety, security, and protection.
In NLP training we call this the discovery of the positive intent process, usually taught in NLP classes where “parts work” is taught.

Step 4: What specifically can you do to meet this positive intent? What is the task specifically? You need to meet the positive intent. Otherwise, you will continue to feel stressed.

Step 5: Imagine something that is good and positive in your day or your life. What do you see, hear, and feel in this moment?

Step 6: Define what (specifically) and who (specifically) causes this to be a good moment.

I particularly recommend doing the above technique:

  1. If you habitually ruminate.
  2. Start having negative thoughts right at bedtime.
  3. Set as a goal that any time when you catch yourself ruminating to use this technique.
  4. Learn how to master this technique in order to do it quickly on the spot.