NLP Training: Rekindling Your Passion for Your Job


This article is a transcription of the following video from our YouTube channel:

Hello from Barbados! I was here for a social entrepreneur project with teachers who were in the five worst schools here in Barbados. I kept thinking during that three-day workshop that I was donating to them as to how there are depressed by the system, by the students, by the parents and everything that’s going on over there.

So, I started to think about that sometimes when we’re in a job for quite some time and on a day-to-day basis, we experience adversity or setbacks as to what we can sort of do about that. A lot of times we give the control away from ourselves. I think it’s important to remember that when you chose your job, what is it that propelled you forward since starting that job? What were you passionate about? Were there certain values that you have that caused you to go into that particular profession?

I think if you placed your mind in your younger self and you tap into those emotions all over again and that kind of rekindles the passion that you once had. I think from that moment forward, those things that you decided to want to do in your job in the future is something that you can align your new tasks and your new actions accordingly. For instance, a passion for teaching, maybe you should take some courses. Maybe you should talk to other teachers for best practice. I think this can work in any kind of job and any type of situation for either yourself, or in terms of coaching, to be able to consider.