Why is NLP Training Like a James Bond Movie!


NLP Training like a James Bond movie? Uh what? No I haven’t officially lost it. In fact, I am not a fan of James Bond at all (don’t shoot me.)

Okay, NLP training has nothing to do with blazing guns and jumping out of helicopters. Then again, metaphorically, it does.

NLP Training vs James Bond Movie:

1. Bond is called by M, basically MI6 who gives him his assignment. This is that moment where the student is sitting at home, and gets this feeling, or this gnawing thought, and sees something pop-up in his or her awareness. The assignment is clear, “I must go to NLP training.” All systems align that this is the right thing to do.nlp and bond

2. Bond flirts with Moneypenny. Many students are required to flirt a little with their superior’s personal assistant, to get the financial sign off.

3. Bond gets a technical briefing from Q. This is basically the Operational Manager of Global NLP Training giving all the instructions regarding where to be, what to wear, and at what time to be there. And by the way, our magnificent Jacqueline is much cuter and much nicer than Q. She could be a Bond girl. In fact, as a trainer I have some hard explaining to do why Jacqueline isn’t flying over each training. I am not a Bond girl, more like a unicorn. OK I am not a unicorn either, but I wish I were.

4. Bond usually meets local allies. This is certainly true, about 1/3rd of our students are local.

5. Sometimes these allies are male, and sometimes they are female. Sometimes Bond sleeps with them. Well a student hook-up … I can’t say it never happened. In fact, we have multiple Global NLP training couples, marriages, and babies. No surprise, because it takes special people  to invest in these courses. None of the short or long term endeavors involved the trainers though; we have rules against that.

6. Bond prefers aircrafts. So do the students, as they fly in from all over the world. We are also not foreign to students and trainers getting stuck in airports. None ever chartered a Gyrocopter in case of emergency, but we can’t have everything. Oh yeah another correlation: our training is very international. Also in exotic destinations like Bali, Ubud now, for instance (March 2015 hurrah, just in case you want to join us, visit our Bali page.)

7. Chase scenes? Well OK not literally, though we have been known to organize some crazy games inside the class room. Often initially the students are chased by old thoughts, or their old way of learning. So metaphorically speaking, they are chased by thoughts … until they start chasing their dreams instead.

8. Villains:  students in the class have past demons, small and large. None too large for us, just like James Bond.

9. Humor:  well I don’t like teaching unless I can make jokes. Some people have me on their most funny top 5 people, though I am not sure if that is funny smelling or otherwise. Humor is encouraged.  Laughing is like a sneeze of the brain.

10. Bond girls. My IT person who regularly visits class in Miami: “Can I come by?  The hottest babes ever are in your course!” Don’t worry, I smack him (a little) and tell him to behave.

And ,well, ok … NLP training has a GREAT and HAPPY end.