NLP Training in Mexico – New!

One of the many temples at the Mayan city of Tulum.

NLP Training in Mexico is now a fact for Global NLP Training. Global NLP Training is headed to Tulum, Mexico. We decided to make this training more exclusive with a smaller class size than we usually allow for inside our other class locations. It is possible to teach outdoors and while socially distanced.

We have rented a three-bedroom villa on the beach, five minutes from Tulum. Both the ocean and the pool are options for a quick dip during breaks!!! We have a garden and multiple indoor and outdoor training spaces.

Cancun airport is an inexpensive destination to fly into from nearly all over the world, and many discounted options are always available for Americans, Europeans, South- and Latin-Americans. Airbnb rentals and hotels are very affordable.

Mexico is currently open for all nationalities, but does require you to fill in COVID-19 declarations. We train while socially distanced and train outdoors, training indoors only if safe. The question of facemasks or not relies on the collaboration of our students before and during the class. For more information, contact us.

It seems that the students who love to travel to our NLP training location in Bali in Ubud are the same students who would make it to Tulum in Mexico. We figured it would be the perfect place to test for us.

Over the years, we have tested several training locations. In-company training can take us almost anywhere. Global NLP Training initially dabbled with London, Shanghai, Boston; I also launched in San Diego, Amsterdam and Miami. The classes were practically instantly sold-out, and our referral rate for former students sky-rocketed already that same year, which has kept happening ever since.

What few people know is that the first training I organized in Los Angeles tanked. I had to cancel it, which cost me $11,000. This was a major blow in the first 18 months of the company. One year later, I decided to organize a training in Las Vegas. Before this training, I decided to hold a funeral for my uncle in Venice Beach, as I couldn’t be home as I promised him I would teach no matter what. He felt that my NLP training would be more important than his funeral.
A bizarre and impossible experience occurred during his funeral, which ended in a strong feeling that I had to organize again in Los Angeles. He was giving me a clear sign, so I leaped. Los Angeles was sold-out for the next eight trainings. The ninth was dealt a major blow, with two-thirds of students cancelling while I was in flight.

I decided to re-route and self-actualize in social entrepreneurship… The NLP Training in Bali was born. It sold-out. And aside from one training, all Bali trainings sell-out or are always near to selling out. Bali and social-entrepreneurship saved my company!

Over the years I dropped San Diego. Boston was not a good place to hold the training, and I am not a fan of Las Vegas.

In-company training brought me to many places as well. We are the trainer of choice for some very well-known fortune 500 companies who invite us. I am also a consultant trainer for several training companies. I can freely and publicly name one of the most famous news outlets in Colombia: Semana Education.

Then COVID-19 struck. Several trainings were canceled. But we moved ahead with training outdoors in September, on the rooftop of our LA location. As January will be too cold to sit up there, I decided that our next NLP training should be in Tulum, Mexico.