NLP Trainer Tips: 4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence


As an NLP Trainer I am often asked, “how you can quickly boost someone’s confidence using NLP?”Though it requires an NLP Practitioner or preferably a Master Practitioner to really shift the underlying pattern, here are 4 simple ways you can boost your own confidence without having to take an NLP training.

A lack of confidence displays differently in each person. Often times, it is something we say to ourselves spidermanlike, “I can’t do it.” Or we imagine how we are horribly going to fail. Perhaps we remember a time in our past, where we were simply told we weren’t good enough or we were bullied at school. No matter what our process is, the result is a feeling: a feeling of uneasiness, nervousness, and maybe even anxiety. Feelings come and go, as each thought passes. The trick is being able to quickly step into another emotional state, as we say in NLP. As an NLP trainer, I wouldn’t be effective or operating to the best of my abilities if I couldn’t change my emotional state very quickly.

1. Stepping into the Future

The brain can’t tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real. Have you ever spent nights pacing the room; being angry with someone because you hallucinated a fight that “maybe” will occur tomorrow? Well if the brain can imagine that, you may want to put it to work doing some more useful things. Like how about imagining an amazing outcome, one that makes you feel good. That’s really what NLP is for. So imagine stepping into the future, the moment where the activity you don’t feel so comfortable about is over, and it had a fantastic outcome for you. See, hear, and feel exactly what you would if that moment were right now. As if you are looking through your own eyes. Notice how you can easily switch emotional states? That’s right! This technique has another added benefit, which is that you set up your mind to achieve a well-formed outcome. You become what you think about! As an NLP Trainer, I see my students achieve this all the time.

2. Doing the Self Confidence Quick fix

Sometime ago I made an animated video that explained the step-by-step process of doing a self-confidence quick fix. Follow the steps closely. If you are already an NLP Practitioner you will be able to easily amend this pattern for your own use.


3. Changing your Self-Talk

For many of us, a big component of our challenging self-confidence is our own negative self-talk. This can actually be fixed quite easily, you don’t need an NLP trainer for that.

Close your eyes for a moment, and figure out where you hear that voice coming from. Your right? Your left? Inside yourself? Slightly outside? What is the quality of the voice? Now that you have determined these things, consider altering that voice, and see what happens. Move it to another location? Turn the volume down? Turn it into the voice of Donald Duck? Alter it any way you can, in order for you to start taking it less seriously.

4. The power of dissociation

Usually when we feel an emotion about something that hasn’t even happened yet, we experience this event as if it is happening to us right now. We see, hear, and feel exactly what we would in the real situation. I recommend visualizing the following: float your awareness out of your body so you can actually see yourself, and your emotions are inside that person. From this point of view, watching yourself over there, there is no emotion. You are dissociated. If you want to make the dissociation even more powerful, imagine a plexiglass wall between you and the situation. Perhaps even a Teflon shield to protect yourself. NLP has many more techniques available to overcome self-doubt and self-confidence issues. If you are interested in learning more, look elsewhere in this blog or contact a Global NLP Trainer for more information.