NLP Tool to Program the Mind for a Better Life


Here is an NLP tool I designed a long time ago for (self) coaching to program the brain for a better life.

A long time ago, I was test driving a new coach for myself. As a coach, I coach coaches for a living pre-dominantly. It used to be tricky when I wanted a coach for myself. I usually give it a whirl for 1 or 2 sessions and then go, “well, that was interesting…” I learned later that my best option was hiring coaches that are very niche-specific to any problem or desire I have. And train them in NLP myself.

If you are interested in hiring one of my NLP training students, just send me an email. If you tell me where you live and in 1 or 2 sentences what you want to have coaching on, I can connect you to my posse.

I digress; this coach had me write my obituary. The impact wasn’t that big for me, to be honest. Perhaps, it isn’t for you either if you did it; if you are pretty aware of the contract or life’s purpose that you have, you either are or are not fulfilling it. I expect custom work from the coaches I hire, not an exercise that doesn’t fit me and is on top of that, so “coaching 101 in 1986.”

As I was disappointed, I decided to “help” her (cough), showing her what an NLP tool and design looks like to program the mind. Rest assured, I didn’t send it to her. I politely stated that in terms of coaching exercises, I wanted more of an NLP approach.

I thought I should share this NLP tool with you to either use on yourself or others as a coach. It assumes no prior knowledge of NLP.

Step 1: Step into the Future You

Imagine you could float your mind out of your body and step into the future a few years before the end of your life. At this point, you will know you have led a life that matters beyond your lifetime; you are grateful, happy, and fulfilled. The younger generation wants to emulate your example.⁣⁠ What will you see, hear and feel?

⁣⁠Step 2: Observe the Future You

Float your awareness out of this you, and see yourself. Notice how vibrant, fulfilled, and happy you look. Ask this future you, what specifically are life events pivotal to feeling this way and becoming this person? Think of a few events from birth to today’s date. And then a few occasions after today’s date.

Step 3: Create the Movie of Your Life

Create a movie where you see yourself going through each of those events.⁣⁠

Step 4: Program Your Life

Create another version of the same movie where you re-experience the happy events as seen through your own eyes.⁣⁠ You see what you would see, hear what you would hear, feel what you would feel.
Suppose your life were to flash in front of your eyes. What specifically would you want to see? Use this NLP tool to program your mind to achieve it.