NLP Timelines: Switching Times


This article is a transcript of the following video:

So for your NLP challenge for today, this is what I want you to do. This can be done by both NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners, though it relates a little bit to timelines. I want you to find someone today, this could be someone that you, know or that you don’t know. If this person is predominantly talking about the past, I want you to switch them by asking questions like “what do you want” instead, “what would happen if you could solve this problem.” I want you to sort of put them into the future. If they’re a dreamer and they are already talking about the future, could you place them in the present experiencing what’s around you right now? You could do that simply with “hey, what’s the taste of your food like right now?” That’s the present, right? Got to taste it right now. Or you can flip them to the past.

So, what the challenge of today is, is I want you to find a person, listen and observe where they place themselves in their story in terms of time in the conversation that they’re having with you and I want you to place them in some other time. That’s the NLP challenge for today.