NLP Techniques – Group Rapport


This article is a transcription of the following video from our YouTube channel:

So one of my trainers asked me a while ago, how can I sometimes come into NLP Practitioner midway through training, say on Day 5 of a seven-day training, and build rapport so incredibly quickly? Well, one thing is that I’m just being myself and doing my job. I come well-prepared in an awesome emotional state. I also watch the energy of the group and I match that energy and then I start building rapport so I can bring them into another energy if I want to, more of an excitement usually of me being there.

But the real question is how do you build group rapport? Well, I do into an expanded awareness when I teach, which means I expand my vision to very wide, so I can take in the entire room. Then I look for who the rapport leader is. The rapport leader is the person that once they shift in their chair, or cross their legs or something like that, the whole room is doing the same thing a few minutes later. There may be more than one rapport leader.

Now especially in NLP training, with matching, mirroring, and crossover mirroring, rapport building is top, I like to be way subtler than that. For instance, I start matching their breathing rate, or where they’re breathing from. I start using the same words they do, speak at the same speed, tonality, volume, start matching that instead. Also subtle gestures, the way that they angle their head, I can be very subtle about it. I also sometimes imagine that there is almost like an energetic cord that is around me, my heart for instance, that is connecting me to them, so when I’m speaking, I have a sense that people pick up that I’m on an energetic level making a connection to them whether they consciously feel that or not. So that’s my answer.