NLP Techniques: Fast Phobia Cure Not Working?


“My NLP Techniques stopped working! The NLP Fast Phobia Cure I did on a client failed while I have had a 100% success rate before! Why??” This is a question that I received in my inbox. The student did the NLP phobia correctly many times over, but with this one client, just couldn’t get it to work. Also previous articles on this blog with suggestions didn’t work, nor did an insertion on the timeline. The answer this time isn’t in using other NLP techniques than the fast phobia cure.

After interviewing the student about each step of the Fast Phobia cure, and what the client specifically communicated, I realized what the problem was. And with this, Global NLP Training can officially launch answering former student questions like this one on our blog and over video so that all of our former students can learn! (Apologies to those interested in NLP who haven’t trained with us, we want to strictly offer post-course support to our former students only, free of charge.)

Though as an NLP Practitioner we have a pretty good idea HOW someone uses their brain, we aren’t mind readers. We can’t exactly see what our clients are seeing inside their head. So that makes it very easy to overlook something very simple in the fast phobia cure. You may explain everything properly, but a small tweak inside the brain and a pattern that used to work may stop working with this one client.

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