NLP Technique: Transitioning from Office to Home


I designed this NLP technique a while ago for a client. This technique can work for any location transition, not just from the office to home. Are you one of those people who leaves the office and keeps thinking about work? Then this pattern is for you. It’s interesting how if we were to count the hours spent at the office, traveling to the office, getting ready for the office, and thinking about the office, you’d probably be shocked. So, I hope you love what you do for a living. If not, you may need a little help disconnecting from the office.
The underlying situation we’re facing with this technique involves a person (perhaps you) having a hard time disconnecting from a place where you have been at for a while. Either mentally or emotionally, and therefore physically.

Setting the Positive Intention of the Home Environment
What, specifically, do you wish to enjoy once you are home? (Meta Model question, if you are an NLP Practitioner you could add more questions.)
How do you do this?
How do you want to feel at home?
What do you wish to accomplish as a result of doing this?

Briefly Associate into the Home Environment
Associate: Imagine what you will see, hear, and feel when you are home. Make this as real and lively as possible, so you start feeling positive emotion as a result. (NLP: Future Pace)

Go Through Your Day Dissociated
In approximately 10-20 miniature “movies,” briefly touch on different points throughout your day. It is important that you do this while dissociated, so you can see yourself as an observer. It is important that you switch from movie to movie quite quickly, to avoid thinking about it.

(Optional Step)
Start over again, except this time you let the movies play at a fast pace, and in black and white.

A Few Minutes Before You Step into Your House
Imagine yourself stepping into the house, and once more imagine what you would see, hear, and feel. Really get a true sense of the positive outcome of your evening. Make it as real as possible.

Setting this NLP Technique in Stone
Assure for yourself that the moment you step through the door of your house, you are going to be in “up-time.” In NLP, up-time is paying attention to what is happening outside of you (rather than down-time, engaging with someone inside of your mind). You are going to truly experience, savor, and be present with your home, the activity that you may do, and the people there.

NLP Practitioners, and especially NLP Master Practitioners, should be able to tweak this design quite easily to make the NLP technique more customized.