NLP Technique to Prepare for Tests & Exams


I love personal development in 2022 because you can combine findings from the world of NLP with positive psychology, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence.

I always tell my NLP NLP training students:
Learning is an emotional process.
We are emotional beings.

It is important to make your emotions your friend, as they give powerful information. And this information can help you prepare for a test or an exam. It can be the difference between passing and failling.

The Difference Between a Feeling & an Emotion

When you experience an emotion, can you get a sense of where you experience this in your body? And when you interpret the corresponding feeling, do you know what you are feeling and why you feel it?

Research has shown that many people can not tell the difference between ‘excitement”, the emotion you feel when something is important, and we need to focus and prepare. Versus the feeling of anxiety, the emotion we get when we are in danger. You can imagine that when you experience excitement and assume it to be anxiety, your excitement can turn into anxiety. Usually, because we ask ourselves, “What if X goes wrong” or “what if I fail?” These thoughts aren’t helpful. If you fail or something goes wrong, then you will deal with it.

I repeat, if that happens, then you will deal with it then.

The other day I had to design a quick and straightforward NLP technique for a former student (now an NLP coaching client) that I want to share with you.

The parameters I had to abide by:

  1. The client quickly needs to be able to do it on their own.
  2. Being able to do this anywhere and anyplace.

NLP Technique to Prepare for Tests or an Exams

  1. Scan your body from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes? Is this excitement or is this anxiety?

Optional: If you do not get a clear answer from your body, do your thoughts sound like: A) This is important, B) “What if X goes wrong. ” This allows you to understand if it is excitement or anxiety.

2. Step out of any emotion you feel by imagining seeing yourself in a movie preparing for the exam. Imagine seeing yourself focusing and concentrating, practicing, perhaps consulting others.

3. Consider any real obstacle that could occur, ask yourself “If this obstacle occurs, then I will do X ” Imagine seeing yourself navigate the obstacles doing the action.

Option 1: If you experience anxiety, continue the movie seeing yourself pass the test.  Can continue to play the movie, seeing yourself after you received the result. Anxiety can not exist here, because you are not inside your emotions (dissociated, an observer of yourself), and the tests is already over.

Option 2: if you do not experience anxiety float your awareness into your shoes the moment you start doing the test; imagine what you will see, hear and feel when you sit down for a well-practiced and well-prepared test.

4.  When the test is successfully completed, float your awareness into yourself after the test, having received the positive result.  Imagine what you would see, hear and feel, looking your own eyes when you are at the point where you successfully passed the test.

5. Make it a large and bright image full of color, enhance the intensity of the sounds and your feelings inside your body.

Those of you who have taken an NLP training with me will notice that both goal setting and elements of the anxiety pattern are used inside this technique. Both are powerful NLP tools to combine to prepare someone for tests and exams.