NLP technique: “Should you leave your job?”


A lot of people come to an NLP training because they are dissatisfied with their job. I feel 7 or 16 days inside an NLP training is ideal for digging deeper into this topic. What if NLP training is not something you are able to do — for any number of reasons? The below NLP techniques can provide you with some helpful exploration.

For the change workers, coaches, and NLP practitioners out there, you can do the below NLP techniques as a visualization with the person you are working with, or you can do it as a “conversation”. Either way, it forces a person to let their thoughts go in another direction.

Part 1: NLP Chunking

  1. Imagine or pretend that you can locate inside your body that part of you that wants satisfaction in your career. Pretend this part is your intuition or your unconscious mind. If you are not sitting behind a flat surface (like a table) put your hand on your lap. Palm up.
  2. Float the part out of your body, and let it sit in front of you, or in the palm of your hand.
  3. Does it look like anything? Does it have a color?
  4. Does it make a sound?
  5. If you were to touch it, does it have a texture?
  6. Ask it in your mind what is the positive intent behind this part?
  7. Ask your intuition or that part of you, what does it want to have that is more important and bigger than that?
  8. Whatever you find here, ask the same questions, until you no longer get any higher.
    Remember what you found higher up in the chain. No need to write it down, you can take a mental note.
  9. Then start over and ask the part again what other positive intent it has and repeat the exercise.

Do this exercise 4 or 5 times. Write down the words higher in the chain that truly resonated with you. These are important values to you.

Part 2: NLP meta model questions

  1. What, specifically, are the values that are satisfied in your current job?
  2. What values are absent or conflicted?
  3. What specifically could you do that is within your control to change this?
  4. If this is something solely within the control of your employer, is it likely to change?
  5. Are there employers out there that would meet your values without changing your profession?
  6. What specifically did you learn as a result of this exercise?

Part 3: “As If” frame, and future pacing

  1. Imagine seeing a movie of yourself staying with your current employer, from a non-emotional point of view. Add 1 more year, 5 more years, 10, until your retirement.

What did you learn?

2. Rewind the movie again.
3. Float your awareness into your body, and repeat the process now seen through your own eyes. What do you see, hear and feel?

Repeat the same process. This time, see yourself leaving your employer and doing whatever you wish to do instead.

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