NLP Technique: Making Decisions (Short Term)


This article is a transcript of the following video:

This video is a few steps as to whether or not you should move ahead on something today. Basically what you have to wonder when making a decision, whether it is a choice of meal or if you’re going to go out partying tonight, is to future pace yourself. This means step into yourself either an hour after the activity, or a day, two, three days after. Would you still want to do the action based on the short-term gratification you’re about to receive?

For instance, if I decide to have a lot of fun tonight but that lands me into bed at 2:00am tomorrow morning, then me getting on my flight may not be that pleasant unless I can sleep. But what if I had to go to work the next day? I might suffer for an entire day or even two or three days. If I don’t consider that, I may end up in a lot of problems. This is especially valid for those personalities that like to go with the flow and are easily persuaded by others to go into certain activities. So that’s how you should do your short-term decisions.