NLP Technique: Hologram of Confidence, Power & Strength


This NLP technique for confidence, power, and strength is one i came across over 10 years ago. The origins of it are unknown. This technique can easily be applied not only by NLP practitioners, but also by people who have never studied NLP.

It is important to understand that often the reason we don’t feel confident, powerful, or strong, is because we imagine that we are not good enough, that we are going to fail, that the world is against us, etc. The brain cannot tell the difference between what we imagine and what we are really experiencing. For instance, have you ever been angry or anxious while lying in bed over a conversation that you are going to have with someone tomorrow? And you imagine this conversation to be so real that it keeps you awake at night? This same concept can be used for the positive, and this pattern utilizes it, much like most NLP tools do.

The Hologram Pattern:

  1. Imagine in front of you stands a hologram of the “You” that you want to become. The You who has confidence, power, and strength. The 2.0 version of yourself.
  2. What would that You look like? Make the hologram of yourself bright, large, and close up.
  3. Adjust the body posture of your hologram if needed, to be that of someone who is confident, powerful, and strong. The feelings that this You is having would be displayed non-verbally in your body language, facial expression, etc.
  4. How would the hologram of your best self sound? What would the quality of your voice be?
  5. Make the intensity and volume a little louder than you normally sound.
  6. Adjust your hologram in any way you want to make it more powerful.
  7. Step into your best self hologram and adopt all of its qualities.

This NLP technique can be easily used for children just as well as adults. With children, superheroes are a good representation to use as they offer a sense of strength and confidence for many children.