NLP Technique: Create a Super Version of Yourself

Create a Super Version of Yourself

Below 5 easy steps to create a super version of yourself, and step into it.

  1. Imagine your super self standing right front of you? What would you look like? What would you be wearing? (You can imagine capes and swords, no one is watching.) What would your facial expression be like? The way you hold your body? Imagine that clearly, right in front of you. Make it as good as you possibly can,
  2. What would you sound like? What would be the things you are saying? What would your tone of voice be like? How loud would you speak? What other voice qualities would you have? What would that you be saying to yourself? Make that as powerful as you can.
  3. What would that you be feeling on the inside? Can you imagine those feelings?  What resourceful states would this you experience?
  4. Anything you wish to alter in the way you look, sound, feel? Make it even more sizzling.
  5. Step into that you now, an notice how that feels! Double that feeling, and double it again.

For more NLP techniques, keep reading this blog. A new technique is coming soon.